Weekend Rewind

At the end of this week, my husband took the morning off to do the annual January clean-up where we get rid of old toys and other things around the house when JH is at pre-school. “Big W” claims I’m a borderline hoarder and it drives him crazy. I must admit I didn’t do much tossing. Instead, I mainly went behind him and rescued a jack-in-the-box, and a few stuffed animals. He would find out, and we would have the confrontation! I would then act as the toy’s lawyer to save it from donation. I won a few cases, but lost many, too for the sake of not arguing. When I picked up JH, he immediately saw the bag of goods in the dining room. Before he could mutter two words, I quickly said, “Go ask Daddy!”

In this post today, we’re not throwing anything out. “Weekend Rewind” is where I have some follow-ups to some stories we’ve already talked about.

My family finally finished the leftovers for the “Slow-Cooked Southwestern Beef” entree I mentioned in the post, “A Second Helping, Please!  Believe it or not, we ate three dinners off this one recipe from “A Dash of Down East—a second helping” cookbook. The whole meal probably cost about $15 dollars to make so it really is a budget friendly recipe. It makes 12 servings. I talked with members of the The Junior Guild of Rocky Mount, NC and I was granted permission to share this delicious recipe. The recipe is now available under my “Recipes Recommended by Leigh” link. Also, I think this dish would work great with chicken in substitution of beef if you prefer.

Thanks to Tilty Cup, my post, “Tilt this Way!” has spread to its fans across the world. When talking with Tilty Cup’s founder in e-mail, I learned more about the wonderful company, which produces the only sippy cup that my daughter uses now.
Allyson Phillips, founder of Tilty Cup

Tilty was the idea of one savvy mom. Allyson Phillips thought of the idea of a tilted cup after watching her daughter, Kiley, attempt to drink from a traditional sippy cup in which she fell backward trying to tilt the cup to get the juice. She submitted her idea to the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program, and was one of the Huggie’s first grant recipients. Phillip’s great idea has made transitioning from bottle to cup an easy transition for our little ones. Tilty has shipped 70,000 cups around the country, and the company continues to grow.   Huggies grant program awards up to 15,000 dollars in seed money as well as business resources to further the development of originial product ideas
and startup businesses.  Huggies accepts grant proposals two times a year.  Currently, the application process is closed.

Tilty Cup also had some advice for me regarding my post, “The Well Visit” because they told me about another Huggies MomInspired Grant winner who helps take the ouch out of shots. Pediatrician and mom, Amy Baxter invented Buzzy Pain Relief.

This cute little bee was born after Dr. Baxter researched needle pain. Like my son, JH, her own son had a huge fear of needles. Her mom inspired idea created Buzzy, a a small plastic bee that uses vibration and cooling to block sharp pain. It works the same way putting a burned finger under cold water instantly makes burns feel better. Buzzy is starting to buzz into hospitals and doctor’s office around the US, and he may also need to fly into the Hines house, too.  He costs $34.95.

In my “Pack Your Bags: We’re Heading to a Fairmont Resort”, we learned that the luxury hotel brand now offers Lifestyle Cuisine Plus, a new menu that caters to guests with specific diet dependent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and gluten free as well as unique dietary preferences.  Plan your trip to a Fairmont Hotel now because they just released a winter special valid for booking until February 5th.

And finally, we all had fun with “With this Ring, I’ll Take a Day Off, and Cup of Tea!” as most of you learned that I will be having a child free morning on April 29th for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

I took some time on Friday morning with my tea to read People’s website before the children woke. After much debate, there will be tea towels as souvenirs for this royal wedding; it will feature the same monogram as unveiled on the official china pattern, instead of having the royals faces printed on them. I think I would prefer that to one with faces. Do you agree?

Until next week…. let’s go have some tea!

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