Weekend Rewind

It’s time for our Weekend Rewind where nothing gets thrown out, and we talk about some past posts.

In “Copycat!” you learned that I have to watch what I say these days.  Yesterday, I was doing something to the TV for my son, and something strange popped up on the screen.  Quickly, I said, “What in the World is that?”  I was really proud of myself.  You see, that phrase is on my new approved phrase list in case JH decides to copy what comes out of my mouth in place of “What the Heck is that?”  It really is a conscious effort to be a role model 24/7.  

Miss America 2011
And speaking of role models, America has a new role model for its young people.  17 year old, Teresa Scanlan from Nebraska, was crowned last week as the youngest Miss America since 1921.  Her parents say she is old and wise beyond her years.  Scanlan aspires to go to law school after college, and have a career as political public servant.  She received $40,000 in scholarship money to help her achieve those dreams.  Some people criticize the pageant industry, but I think for older teenagers, it is a good way for intelligent, talented young women to seek scholarship money if needed.  More and more young people are acquiring student loan debt following graduation.  Even though my children have yet to enter the public school system, we know college will be here in a flash.  We will have AARP status, and have two college educations to fund.  If my daughter wanted to enter a preliminary Miss America pageant in her older years, I would support her in her decision because it is a scholarship pageant rather than a beauty pageant.  Miss America is an Ambassador for this country, and in 90 years, the organization has funded $45 million dollars in cash and scholarship assistance.   I don’t think I would be as supportive to Miss Itty Bitty Bikini and Miss Suntan Lotion.   In my past TV work, I have interviewed a Miss America, and several preliminary state winners.  They all were very poised, smart women who made good role models opposed to some teen Hollywood starlets and these so called “reality people” who spend too much money, seek the limelight, and don’t seek a college education.   So, in this house, you may hear my husband sing, “There She Is…Miss America” when he brings our Miss America down the stairs in the morning. 

Following my “Pack Your Bags: We’re Heading to the Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta” segment, I had the privilege to talk with hotel executives about the downtown Atlanta hotel's new modern look. The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta underwent renovations since my last visit for my friend’s wedding, and I definitely need to go back!  
The Lumen Lobby Bar

The new  Lumen Lobby Bar puts a new modern spin on afternoon tea for those hot months in Atlanta.  The bone china, scones, and clotted cream have been replaced with a menu of five flavorful, unsweetened iced teas: Acai Pomegranate; Marrakesh Mint Green Tea; Hibiscus; Orange Jasmine Mango; and Chamomile Citrus. Standard sweeteners are available, but the recommended sweetener is cotton candy, presented atop a tall glass.

courtesy of Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta

The guest’s iced tea selection is poured over the cotton candy into the glass, instantly dissolving the cotton candy and sweetening the tea.  I’m a southern girl, after all, so I would love to try this trendy new tea in downtown Atlanta.   Go ahead and pack your bags because The Ritz-Carlton-Atlanta is offering several discounted packages right now.   The Reconnect package will give you up to $200 back in hotel credit depending on the length of stay, and my favorite is the Bed and Breakfast package which includes the wonderful breakfast buffet and overnight valet parking.  There is also a family package that includes tickets to the Georgia Aquarium which is a really a “must-see.”  There are many attractions for families to see in this area while calling the Ritz your home away from home.

While in Atlanta, you should visit CafĂ© Lily Restaurant and Tapas Lounge in Decatur, Georgia.  It’s a neighborhood bistro offering an eclectic variety of cuisines from the Mediterranean Sea:  Italy, France, Greece, Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East.  It was the sight of my friend’s rehearsal dinner, and even though some of my brain cells depleted after having my second child, I do remember having a great meal that night.  As my friend told me this week, it is still one of my friend’s favorite restaurants and she has a long list of others in this adorable, historic town.   The Ritz-Carlton-Atlanta is conveniently located to Decatur which is nestled between Downtown Atlanta and Stone Mountain Park.

And finally, I caught up with my People.com reading this week with a cup of tea while JH was playing, and the “Pirate Princess in the City” was napping on Saturday.  Hollywood is seeing a baby boom this month. Many stars are also joining my club of having children after their 40th birthday.  Some are becoming first time moms while others are adding to their brood.  It’s quite refreshing to see these forty something moms toting around young children, at least it is for me.  When 43 year old actress Nicole Kidman goes to Nashville’s Starbucks with a new baby and an older toddler in tow, it just changes the perception of one’s forties.  Forty doesn’t seem near as mature as it did in the 1970’s when most forty year old moms were prepping for their children to go off to college.  Now we're changing diapers like the thirty something mom. 

I always told my husband that if we were younger, I would love a third pirate.  He always looked at me like I was crazy because we have our hands full with two.  But now, our Pirate Princess is a toddler, and our oldest is going to kindergarten in a few short months.  I was at my computer the other night, and my husband came into the room after kissing JH goodnight and said,  “You know I always thought two kids were plenty, but I have to agree with you now that if we were a few years younger, I think it would have been nice to have a third child.    And what’s a few years younger?  40, of course! 

We feel blessed with our two, and are ready to hit the road as a family of four and visit some of these hotels I love to talk about.  Exciting times are ahead!

Until next time….I’m off to get a cup of tea!

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