Weekend Rewind

It’s time for Weekend Rewind where nothing gets thrown out.  We talk about old posts and some new things, too.

After Icing on the Cake, I’ve enjoyed hearing from you about your own memories of licking cake batter at your grandma’s house.   My son is very picky about icing, and loves the chocolate buttercream icing we made for his birthday cupcakes.  At dinner the other night, my husband said he thought the icing I made was really good, but in his opinion, nothing beats Duncan Hines because it’s just so rich and creamy.   Can you believe that?  It must be that Hines name.  I decided to visit the Duncan Hines website after his comment, and the company does have lots of good tips and recipes. 

Use 2 Tsp in place of Vanilla

One person who says she is a grandma of 12, uses Kahlua instead of vanilla when making chocolate buttercream.  If I had 12 kids around when I was making icing, I may drink from the bottle. She says she doubles the amount so she uses about two teaspoons in her recipe.    Now THAT sounds good.   I’ll let you know after I make my next batch!

I have another Well Visit coming up next month.  It’s got to go better than the last one.  My daughter can’t walk yet so there is no chance of her bolting out of the office.  That’s good!  Her vocabulary still consists of “Da Da”, “Woof”, “Uh-Oh”, and maybe “Hi” if we’re lucky.  Still no “Ma-Ma”!   But, she will do this funny face on command.

My daughter's funny face on command

Tricia, a friend and reader of the Hines-Sight Blog Facebook page gave me an excellent idea for future well visits.  She says she never goes to a doctor’s office without her 31 Fold and Go Organizer which she stocks with crayons, markers, paper, puzzles, and work sheets.   The examining table paper can double as your little artist’s canvas while you wait.  Now that is some great advice from a very Savvy mom! 

Some of you told me you had Kermit the Frog’s famous little song in your head after reading The Rainbow Connection this week.  You also learned that I have a unique approach to meal planning.   It may not be the most organized method, but it is a great way to get new meals on the table.  The truth is that I love recipe books more than I like cooking.  Planning my meals, by opening pages of selected cookbooks is a good way for me to use the ones I own.

As with anything, some books become my favorite and are opened more frequently.   If a recipe is easy, healthy, and has less than six ingredients then it will probably become one of my “Go To” meals and used more often.  I hope you let me know if you make Rainbow Inspired Capellini with Alfredo Sauce in your house.  One reader  told me that she would add garlic, onions, and red peppers to her version.  Great idea!  One of my blogger friends, The Life of a Suburban Princess, told me she thinks about serving the rainbow on a weekly basis rather than daily.  She said, “we may eat one orange vegetable today then get in Brussels sprouts on another day.”  Wise advice, and please, send me your Brussels sprout recipe, Princess!  When I worked in marketing at a hospital, the cafeteria manager would put Brussels sprouts on the rotation just for me.  I always so happy on those days because remember from A Second Helping, Please”, I didn’t know how to turn on my stove.

And finally, in the car the other day my son said, “I told “Little L” that I was sorry I said she took up space.  I really love her.”   In my post “Pirate Princess in the City”, you learned how he was a little unhappy after she was born, and said that she could go back in my tummy.   Well, after the release of a new book earlier in the week called, “Cinderella Ate my Daughter: Dispatches From the Frontlines of the new Girlie-Girl Culture” by best-selling author, Peggy Orenstein, it made me rethink the title of that post, and our calling our daughter “Princess” so often. 
courtesy of http://www.peggyorenstein.com/

My husband and I have used the word a lot in the past 14 months, and never really gave it a second thought until now.  On the flip side, we don’t go around calling our son a Prince at all.   Why do we call her Princess?  We don’t have royal titles.  I am even guilty of the Princess themed first birthday party.   I have not read Orenstein’s book, but I did read an interview with her in this month’s Parents Magazine, and her thoughts were very interesting on how this new culture can impact our daughter’s identities and their futures.  I hope that if we teach our daughter that life is not a fairytale, and that there is more to life than riding off with her  “Knight in Shining Armour” then a good foundation for the future will be built and we can still have some tutus and tiaras in the house.    So far, our daughter loves both Batman and Dolls plus wears blue.  However, I have noticed that my daughter is fixated on my son’s Disney Princess vitamins.  Hmmm!  She looks at them, and shakes them while I'm getting ready in the morning. I may have some of you shaking your head when I said the Disney Princess vitamins belong to my son, but let me just say that there are only a few brands of vitamins with DHA (Omega 3’s) on the market that is priced under $10 a bottle, and the Super-heroes vitamins with DHA are $2.00 more a bottle than the Disney Princess Brand.   I don’t know why?   But, in this economy, I go for cheaper because that gives us more money to do things we want.   He can eat Cinderella as easily as he can eat Iron Man as far as I’m concerned.   He doesn't care.  I think we are a gender-neutral household.

Until next time…..I’m off to play with the Lord and the Lady.  I thought I would refrain from the other higher titles this week.

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