Weekend Rewind

It’s time for Weekend Rewind where nothing gets thrown out. We talk about old posts and some new things, too.

In Pack Your Bags: We’re Heading to the Inn at Biltmore, we got a first hand glimpse of a beautiful mountain retreat in Asheville, NC.

Courtesy of Biltmore
February is traditionally a more quiet time on the Biltmore estate. It is very serene and calming in the winter months. And it’s the perfect time to cozy up on the couch in front of the Inn’s fireplace or enjoy the spa. Biltmore is currently offering 20 percent off all spa services. Something else that’s really fun to do to spice up the romance is to take the Red Wine & Chocolate pairing seminar at The Winery. These seminars are currently being offered daily at 3 pm, and the cost is $15.  Even if you can't make it to Biltmore right away, you can still have that Biltmore ambience in your home this Valentine’s weekend. Biltmore recommends Pas de Deux (the name means Dance for Two) paired with Biltmore’s Chocolate Fantasy Torte cheesecake. Both items are available for purchase at Harris Teeter and other local grocery stores. Pas de Deux is currently on special until the end of February in Biltmore’s online wine shop.

Love  Doughnuts
After Doughnut Dare, if you want to bring your sweetheart breakfast in bed then make that a lovely doughnut! Now through February 14, sweethearts everywhere can enjoy all of Krispy Kreme’s delightful treats, which include the Sprinkled Heart doughnut, the Chocolate Iced doughnut with Valentine's Sprinkles and the Chocolate Iced Heart with Red Drizzle doughnut. I may have to go see if that “HOT NOW” sign is on right now at my local store. I cannot resist a Krispy Kreme doughnut!

I have not started to add “This Little Piggy” in my new shutterfly art book yet, but I did stumble upon another way for kids to display their art. It’s called the GoVinci backpack. Kids as young as 2 can easily carry their masterpieces around every day.

GoVinci Backpack
Backpacks are great for school, and even for mom to carry around their children’s snacks, diapers, toys, and anything else you can cram in there. Be stylish and wear the art!  I found the GoVinci backpack at Giggle.

I appreciate all your e-mails after my post, “Night!Night! Don’t Want to See You Til Morning!” I’m happy to report that we are sleeping in this house. I am beginning to mourn the loss of my daughter’s morning nap though. I think she is ready to nap just once a day so that is going to really cut into my blogging time. I am not going to like that at all.
Spray away Monsters
Some of you commented about the adorable monster spray bottle designed by ClassybutSassy Gifts on Facebook. Leanne Grissett Long of Sunset Beach, NC is the savvy and talented mom behind that adorable “Monsters Away” bottle. She told me that she designed it after having her own monster issues with her daughter. Leanne has two daughters aged 7 and 3, and just started her new business this year. 

Some of us may be thinking about candy, hearts and valentines this week, but she’s already started thinking about bunnies. These are some of her latest Easter items that she is working on right now.
Easter Bunny

Personalized Easter Buckets

Leanne has all of her items on her Facebook site. The bunny is hand-cut and is priced at $50. The Easter buckets are personalized with anything that you like, and are $20. Leanne can also be reached at classybutsassygifts@yahoo.com

And finally some tidbits about my valentines.

My daughter is walking some. Not all the time, but some of the time. She looks like a Robot  when she walks so we have nicknamed her “Robot Baby!” We say “Robot Baby” and she laughs, and sticks out her hands. She still doesn’t have too many words for her vocabulary, but she is starting to say “Robo bebe”, but still no “Mama”. Maybe on Valentine’s Day!

Like in Write Image, we have finished writing the names of my son’s classmates on his Scooby Doo valentines. He loves Scooby Doo! It was a struggle because he didn’t have much space to write the names on the tiny Valentines so he would get frustrated, and try to quit. As Scooby would say, Ruh-Roh! Make note mom to either make valentines or buy ones with large envelopes next year.”

As for the hubby, we’re going to be taking the Inn at Biltmore’s wine suggestion, and stay away from the busy restaurants this weekend.  Maybe next year, we can sit by the Inn at Biltmore’s fireplace while the little ones stay home. Wishful thinking! I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time, I’m off to get that Biltmore wine and to send my valentines.

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