Weekend Rewind

It's been awhile since I've written a "Weekend Rewind" piece.  After blogging for a month, I stopped doing them every weekend because the posts became time-consuming with all the links and photos.  As a result, everyone in the house got a little cranky.  But, on occasion, I will find a little extra time to produce one.  So, here's a "Weekend Rewind" piece today where nothing gets thrown out, and we add some new "this and that" to the mix.  In  "My Favorite Irish Things," I reminisced about a past trip to Ireland, and shared a delicious Irish Potato Soup recipe.  Well, the luck of the Irish apparently stayed with me.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut
I never win anything.  I'm serious!  There could be two names in a hat, and you can pretty much bet that the other name will be drawn instead of mine, but something happened recently and my luck changed.  I actually won a Luna Bar Giveaway from one my favorite blogs, "The Life as a Suburban Princess."   When my new carton of Luna Bars arrived, getting that package was like winning the lottery.  I was excited!  As I type this right now, I'm eating the new flavor, "Chocolate Dipped Coconut."  It's yummy!   Toasted coconut will fall onto my keyboard, but that's okay because the taste is worth it.   Thank you, Suburban Princess!  You've made my week with these Luna Bars.

Hines-Sight Blog Received the "Blog Love" Award
But, my luck didn't stop there!  On the morning of St. Patrick's Day, I started my daily morning blog reads with my tea in my hand, and I discovered that I received a "Blog Love" award.   Me?   It's my first award.  The award was presented to me by the lovely Adrienne from "The Rich Life (On a Budget)."  I've dreamed of giving this speech since I was a little girl.  Here it goes!

"I would like to thank the Academy..."   

Actually, I thank you Adrienne for this honor.   You were one of the first blogs I discovered, and your blog is such a treasure.  When you receive this award, you are to post your very first blog post.   And just think, if I had gone to my regular Harris Teeter instead of Food Lion on that trying day back in January then I may not even be here writing my blog today.  Life's choices can certainly give many blessings. 

As a recipient of this prestigious award, I now have to pass this award to up to ten other blogs.  This is really hard because I'm discovering new blogs daily that I'm enjoying so much.   Adrienne and I read some of the very same blogs, and she already passed this award on to two blogs that I would have chosen as well.   I'm going to mention them as well because I really do think they deserve this award from me.   The bloggers who write these blogs have been very supportive to me by sending an encouraging word my way or helping me with my HTML questions.    I've needed a lot of mentoring in that area since I know very little about web design.   Some of the blogs I've chosen today are actually new finds, too, but their writing and style captivates me.   I love many blogs, but I can only name ten.

My "Blog Love" Award Winners

I feel as if this blogger is me 15 years ago.  Ensley is a great writer, and makes me laugh daily as she talks about single life and searching for Mr. Right.   She is witty, charming, and I love it when she writes about all those pre-schoolers she teachers.

This Canadian Princess is a charmer.  She enjoys her tea in the city, and is always discovering new things to giveaway.  She loves pink and green, and her random thoughts are just the best.

This expat homemaker gives us insight on what it is like for an American to live in London.   She's creative, and one fabulous photographer.  She shares my love for tea.

This Australian mom has three little pixies under the age of 6.  As a mom, I can relate to her daily life, and I love to see all that she does "Down Under" especially when she takes us in town, and shows us what we can find in those cute little shops.   She traded in her legal briefcase to become a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Bella Michelle is a true Southern Belle.  She loves the south, and has the talent of finding the most wonderful historic photos on her Wordless Wednesday features.  She's a mom, too, but is in a different stage in life than me so it's nice to get a preview of my Southern future.

I love the title of Janet's blog.  Her children are out of the nest now.  This is one talented Virginia lady.   She can make almost anything.  She just redid her kitchen for less than $500.  It's amazing. She turns thrift store finds into creative masterpieces, too.   Her specialty is aprons, and her talents have been featured in many magazines.  She was one of the first bloggers who began following my blog.

Mama Henley is good friends with my sister-in-law so I feel like I know her even though we've never met in person.  She has a set of triplets plus two other children.  Can you say busy house?  She has wonderful spiritual wisdom, and lots of tips to help your family save money.

I've just found this blog, but I can already tell you that if this DC Blogger and I lived in the same town, we would be BFFs.   She's newly married, and currently kid-free so she gets to go to Embassy parties on a whim.  We've had similar career paths, and she is just a delight.  Just to tell you that "great minds" think alike, we both did a royal wedding post on the exact same day!  I love her blog so much that I think I may convince her to post daily.

This English lady living in the south lives a life I dream about daily.  She has two beautiful homes, lots of Louis Vuitton luggage, and a great sense of style.  One of her Tory Burch tunics would blow my monthly stay-at-home budget as soon as I brought out my credit card.   Also, when I read her posts, I hear a lovely English accent in my head.  She definitely brings out the anglophile in me and my love for the finer things in life.  

When this mom discovered my blog, she told me that she thought we lived in parallel words because our children are the  same age, we live in the same town, and we were experiencing some of the same sleep problems.  She's not a mean mom though.  She's a real mom, and I love her witty, sense of humor.  I think you will, too.

*Bloggers it is optional to pass the "Blog Love" award on to other blogs.   If you do, just post your very first entry, tell readers who gave you the award, and pass on the love.

Lucky Find!
And finally, we've had some lovely spring days in the Tar Heel state this week.  It's time to put away the heavy coats, and go for something lighter for those spring mornings where there still is a little chill, but by lunch, you can go coat-free.  Honestly, I never dress right for our spring weather.  I'm either too hot or too cold, and that's because the weather can change so quickly.  We'll have a hot day then a cool day, and I'm always dressed for the day before thinking we will have two of the same days in a row.  However, it is my responsibility to try to dress the kids for the right weather. 

My daughter needed something lighter for these chilly mornings.  Since  it will be too hot for a spring coat in no time,  I didn't want to invest in something new.

My luck actually continued this week when I stopped in a children's consignment shop.  I found this bright, little Gymboree brand coat in her size for $5.00.    It was really meant to be because apparently, the little girl who wore it before had the exact same name as my daughter.   My daughter's name is already in the coat.  Is that luck or what?

Until next time, I'm going to grab a cup of tea, and catch some March Madness basketball.  I'm pulling for UNC and Notre Dame!   My extended family is pulling for Duke.   Who will have the luck and stamina to be the NCAA champs this year?

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