As a Mom-Owned Business Owner, I'm Ready to Flip the Calendar to September and Start the Next Chapter

Summer is a wonderful time of year..... that is if you are wealthy and can vacation at least two weeks out of each summer month the kids are out of school, can afford to have them in camp at least one week each month that they are out of school, and that leaves you only one week a month to be just lazy and carefree. 

With one non-structured week a month in the summer, you don't mind that you have to pack your entire house to go to the closest pool every other day to entertain the kids. It's a joy to sleep in and have no schedule, and because you've stayed busy the other three weeks of the month with traveling and camps, you don't feel guilty for letting your kids have a YOUTUBE marathon daily while you try to get some work done. If that is your agenda then summer is absolutely blissful.

But, that is probably the agenda of just the one-percent. If you are like most of us then summers are hard. Very hard. They are fun in the beginning. So much fun. They are still good in the middle, too. You may get agitated a little with the kids, but it's nice to not have a schedule. But, then comes August 1 and then what?

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The summer honeymoon is over, folks! I am on the verge of craziness. 

I am broke from eating out way too much for lunch. I am broke from vacationing. I am broke from trying to entertain the kids at places that charge admission. I am just emotionally broken down. 

My husband's vacation time is tapped out, and he is working 24-7 to make up the two weeks we've already taken to let me work a little by traveling. 

I also want to backtrack a little and say that my husband and kids vacationed in July. I technically was working in my dream job as a travel writer which means I now need to find some time to produce travel content in a timely manner in between getting snacks, barking orders, and interrupting sibling fights. 

I am so done with August. I am ready to get some balance back in my life. I am ready to write and work again. I am ready for a new year where kids are in school. 

I am ready to have a work day where I turn off my computer when the kids come home, and not juggle trying to produce content while they watch YOUTUBE.

I love my children. I do. It has been such a privilege to be home with them all of these years. It is a privilege to have the flexibility of being on the PTA at their school. It is a privilege for being able to be there for them when they get home from school. It has been a privilege to get groceries during the week when no one else shops. It is a privilege to be able to not worry about missing work if one of them is sick. This has been a precious time in all of our lives. I have been blessed. I know that and appreciate that. I also appreciate my husband for working hard to let me stay home, and for supporting all the hours I put on the side for this blog. 

We did sacrifice, too. We lived off of one income for nine years. In those nine years, I did not contribute to our retirement as I am reminded often. My husband worries. Are we saving enough? Probably. It never feels like enough. But, we're older parents. Our children are younger than most people our ages. We are both over 45. While some people may be planning weddings and sending kids off to college, our youngest child will not go to college until I'm almost 60.  She is just starting kindergarten this year. 

Yes, I am ready for a new month and a new chapter. After nine years of being a stay-at-home parent, both of my children will now be in school all day, five days a week....that is until next summer. 

I am ready to move forward with my own publishing company and grow my brand as someone who knows hotels, family travel, adores simple, farm fresh food, and someone who believes in wellness and a healthy lifestyle. I've worked hard to build an online community, and now it's time to write those city and destination guides and work to provide you with information you like to read, and of course, have the time to talk to you more here and just write from the heart which is what I'm doing today. 

I miss this space, and it's purpose that I started in 2011. Yes, I created it  to be my online portfolio, but it has become so much more.  I miss writing to write, and the opportunity to tell a story. Blogging will never be like traditional media because we share our lives, and honestly, that is why I love the platform so much.

During my time here,  I've tried to make extra money being a freelance writer which, unfortunately, took time away from this site. I only had so much time to give.

But now, it's time to nurture my professional life and I'm starting with a BANG.

I've been asked to be a break-out speaker for Illuminate 2015 on why businesses should build an online community.

The community that I have built around this blog and now with #OutaboutNC is what has made me NOT GIVE UP with my passion and dreams these past few years. Your comments or your own passion for North Carolina has given me the reason to plow forward with very little money. 

In a cocktail party setting, ask a blogger why they blog and most will tell you because the subject is their passion, and they get their energy from the community they built around social media. 

An online community is what drives success in blogging. I am not a power blogger. Many more people are way more successful than me, but being a blogger is now my passion, and if I let myself, I would work 24-7 because I'm doing something that I love, and it doesn't feel like work. I enjoy connecting with my own online communities. I have several. OutaboutNC is strictly North Carolina travel and tourism. HinesSight Blog is more lifestyle with my travel writing, hotels and my myself as the focus. If my written words, Instagram photo or tweet can touch just one person then I feel as if I have achieved success.

I have accepted a position with the NC Blog Network as Director of Campaign and Tourism Development.  I am passionate about being an advocate for blogging campaigns and informing people that professional blogging is an actual career, not just a hobby.

Sure, we sometimes write for pleasure or tell our own story like I'm doing right now. But, we also get a lot of emails thinking that we have all the time in the world and would we share a local business's tips on the "best of Raleigh" with our readers. 

Would a newspaper publish that? Yes. It is called an ad and they would expect payment. Writers/bloggers need to be paid for their time. A marketing professional would not work for free then why should a reputable blogger.

We are the new media. We are our own publishing houses. Yes, it may be on a smaller scale than what it used to be decades ago,  but thanks to the internet now, former journalists, communication and marketing professionals have found a way to be their own boss, assignment editor, and business owner. 

I would not trade my past experience of going on drug busts, covering murder trials, or being in the middle of a hostage stand-off for one minute, but my current beat of informing people on places to go and stay is where my passion thrives. Testing out champagne check-ins is nice, too. 

The bloggers I know are college-educated individuals who have taken their education and fitted it into their life as a modern parent. Not all are parents. We are also not writing to tell people what we ate for lunch and what sale item we picked up at Tory Burch. We give our readers glimpses of our lives, but our goal is to not talk about us, but rather deliver our audience information. I like to refer to it as modern-day reporting with our own niche and focus.

I am ready for September, school, and putting money toward retirement again. I am also ready to have business meetings, and writing time without being interrupted to see if someone's backside is entirely clean. 

I'm ready. If you are in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, I hope to meet you at Illuminate 2015. 

I'll be back next week with my latest travel feature. 

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