Shop your Drawers for Halloween: 2015 Costume Cost Equals Zero. Gimme a High-Five!

When my children are adults, they will probably look back and say, "My Mom was lame when it came to Halloween." I'll just go on record and say that I've never really liked Halloween. I was a child who was scared of the rock band, "Kiss" when I saw their photos. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Halloween always scared the pants off of me. Truthfully, it's dead last on my list of holiday favorites. However, my non-parent neighbor is moving the October holiday up on my list yearly now because he serves his own blue ribbon craft beer in his driveway for parents. I look forward to this kind Halloween gesture yearly now.

Halloween 2015 equaled zero cost for costumes.

If I had it my way, I would just stay at his house the entire time, but Will said "no way, Jose.".I have worked it out though that we go to his home first and last. The kids cramp our style though because they want to go home once the candy collecting is over. I can't wait until they can go home alone.

It wasn't intentional, but we spent no money at all on Halloween costumes this year. This summer, Liza received the Anna costume from relatives at our annual "Christmas in June" celebration. By September, she declared that Anna was to be her costume this year. Score. No costume shopping. Meanwhile, the other one was just nonchalant about the holiday. He so takes after his mother. I kept telling him that I would take him somewhere, but he just didn't seem interested. His Dad told him that he was not allowed to go "Trick-or-Treating" in his street clothes. He decided that he would be a wizard. We had the costume for that at our home already. Fifteen minutes before we were supposed to be at another neighbor's house for a gathering, he decided that the costume was too silly.

Luckily, he rummaged through his own dresser drawers and decided on a basketball player.  Two points for free costume again.

How do you like my headline, "Shop your Drawers." I wonder what Mr. Google will do with that?

I did a quick Halloween chat last night on Periscope and introduced Anna. I didn't discuss my drawers at all. But, I did share a good tea recipe for colds. I'm not going to type it out for you because I may really blog on it with a really good headline so I can get more search engine juice. But, check out my sweater for my mug. I dressed my mug up for Halloween courtesy of a NC Blogger Colleague, Beth Ann, who blogs at It's Just Life and Knotworkshop.com.


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Hickory, N.C. blogger, Mattie's Pantry, peaked my interest with the health benefits of popcorn.

Health Benefits of Popcorn

And the Burke sisters of  Burke Does,  impressed me with their budget knowledge this week. I think these tips are so important for everyone, and I plan to follow their rules, too as I move into 2016.

Tips for sticking to a budget

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