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Have you ever looked at your life before kids and said to yourself. "Man, what did I do with all that time?"  I'll tell you that before kids I believe you had a lot more carefree or leisure days that were more unplanned. After becoming a parent, very little is unplanned.

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As your kids become more independent, life with them does get easier, but it also gets busier. As a blog business owner,  I have had to resort to writing down what I accomplish during a day when they are at school.  I do it to keep myself more accountable, but I also do it as proof that I do things other than read Facebook and scroll through Instagram because Will may come home and see a big pile of laundry still needing folding in the laundry room for the second or third day in a row.

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What my husband doesn't quite understand is that every minute  I spend on Facebook or time on Twitter and  Instagram during the day could connect me with a potential blog follower, reader, client, or even new connection. As a blogger, everything I do is tied to traffic, influence and numbers. When I hit publish on my blog five years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into by being a self-publisher. It is s quite different than being a traditional journalist who is paid a salary to cover things. 

I feel blessed that I am asked to cover a lot of things locally and in the South, but usually, there is not a budget for the coverage, and it's just for media editorial coverage which is a fancy word for free work when you are not a salaried staff person. I've had to learn to work smarter and align myself with revenue producing activities that I support. For example, Beautycounter is now available for purchase here.  I am passionate about their movement to regulate the beauty industry with personal care safety reform.

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You can book a hotel off my site now or a fun getaway through Living Social. You can even plan a European vacation and you can purchase my favorite protein powder

I don't accept many sponsored posts because then my blog becomes too like those pain in the butt Communications and Journalism assignments that I didn't like decades ago. It feels forced. Writing then becomes like going to the dentist. The passion in writing is then gone. 

I love having editorial freedom. I share my thoughts, my passions, and news I want to share. That is liberating, but it doesn't always pay the bills. 

I've been extremely fortunate that my freelance writing jobs have come to me. I've not pitched them. I just finished one that I can't tell you much about yet, but it was probably my biggest one I've completed, and it also involved a professional photographer. It's travel and leisure for a consumer product magazine.  I will share more about it as soon as I can.

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I field through about 75 story pitches a day from PR officials.  I'm old school and I read them. I can't help it. The Southern Belle in me sometimes even says "Thank you for making me aware" And yes, It takes time, but the old journalist in me doesn't want to miss something or an opportunity.

The days fly by. And right when I feel like I'm on a roll to accomplish something, it's time for the kids to come home. 

I've not quite had to pull out my daily accomplishment list out  just yet for Will, but he will just have to trust me that I will eventually clean the kitchen floor and that laundry will eventually go in drawers. The sad thing is that nicely folded laundry drawers will then replaced by another load that had a few extra "drying" times because when it's in the dryer, it is at least hidden from everyone's view. Guilty as charged on that one.

But, have you ever noticed that the busy people are the ones who tend to over-complicate their lives and do even more? We step up. We volunteer. I hyperventilate every morning in the mirror now because I know I only have two more months until I become our school's PTA President. I just volunteered to serve on a Cotillion committee, and it took me only three seconds to say yes because I think a program like that would be good for my son. I sometimes wonder how will I get it all done?

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A friend who I have not seen since November called and wanted to get together over her lunch hour. This week was busy.  I needed to do a freelance piece for the Examiner, write three news email blasts for my three audiences because I'm so three-dimensional that I cannot pick just one niche. No. No. That would be too easy. I over-complicate, remember, but that is who I am.

I knew that if I allowed my never ending to do list to dictate my plans, it would be April before I felt like I was free enough to get together with her.

Instead, I said. "How about Friday?"

I chose to fold laundry at 7:30 pm at night for an hour instead of during the day. I chose not to write the email letters because there is no sponsor for them right now.  It can go out anytime. It didn't have to be this week.

I'm working smarter. Not harder. I write on demand when the paid assignment comes in.

I'm never too busy for my friends and family.

Where I dined: Cantina 18 in Cameron Village
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A lovely day to lunch outside. Fresh goat cheese guacamole and salsa over conversation with a friend you have known for 15 years equal a priceless #outaboutnc day in Cameron Village, Raleigh. 


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