A Path to Wellness Starts with Less Social Media:Take the Quiz to See Where You Stand

Wow,! As a blogger, it may be hard for you to believe that I'm going to back a slogan that promotes the use of less social media, but I am. I am also 47 years old so I remember a life well before the internet, and it was nice.

A Path to Wellness: Use Less Social Media
Get a Jump  Start on Spring Cleaning and March Rewards

Back then I wrote letters.  I chatted on the phone plugged into a wall.  I didn't take photos of my food nor did I document the toiletries in my hotel bathroom.  I did, however, watch a lot of television, but that is another story.

My kids are not on social media, but they are on the internet. Take this quiz from the Centre for Technology Awareness to see how you rate regarding your technology usage. The first time I took it, I got moderate then I decided to really think about my usage, and I got a high rating the second time.

Here are some tips from the Centre for Technology Awareness to help bring my rating down.

  • Did you know most people don’t realize how much time they spend online? If you’d like to know how much time you truly spend on your phone or tablet, try downloading an app that monitors your usage. The Centre for Technology Awareness recommends Moment.
  • If you often stay up late using your phone, sleep next to it, or wake up and immediately reach for it, you may be addicted. Instead, turn your phone off at night, wait 30 minutes before turning it on the morning, and try not to sleep with or near it.
  • Text, email, and app notifications can be demanding and distracting. Studies suggest they decrease productivity. Try disabling automatic notifications for a few hours and see how it feels to be in control of when you check your inbox!
  • There are situations where phones and tablets do more harm than good. Make a firm commitment not to use your device when your attention should be elsewhere. Some “no-phone zones” might include meals, vacations, and anytime you’re socialising with friends or family.
  • Ideas to Do Instead of Social Media or Checking Phone 

Person Street Pharmacy in Raleigh, N.C.
Schedule lunch with a friend. This week I chose Person Street Pharmacy in Downtown Raleigh for my non-technology outing. 
*Recommend for a farm to table lunch. I got the Roast Turkey with Arugula. 

Take a quick walk 

Do Yoga

Read a Magazine (My favorite is Dr. Oz, The Good Life) 

Play a game with your kids

Take the time to do some Spring Cleaning. Diffuse these great scents with Young Living Essential Oils. to  keep your home fresh. 

Sweet Springtime Renewal
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Hawaiian Sunrise
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Spring Blossom
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Unplug and Enjoy Life.

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