Spa Secrets from Forbes 4-Star-The Spa at Ballantyne in Charlotte

Charlotte, N.C has a jewel in the heart of the city. It's close to everywhere. Think Carowinds, the Discovery Place, and the Whitewater Rafting Center, but yet when you go to this luxury resort, you escape the hustle and bustle of tourism. It's peaceful here. There is a resort pool, a championship golf course, and a luxury spa. It has everything you could ask for and more. 

The Ballantyne Hotel and Spa in Charlotte, N.C.

Starwood's Luxury Collection, The Ballantyne Hotel and Spa, is a destination in Charlotte all of its own and it's ok to come here and never leave the property if you want. That's a play from my own playbook.  I did that this Spring with a girlfriend and guess what folks....we never left the grounds. Not once. And we loved every minute of it. 

Ballantyne Selfie 

A Girl's Spa Getaway-The Carolina Lavender Treatment 

The Spa at Ballantyne Features the Carolina Lavender Treatment

The Ballantyne is about a two and half hour drive from Raleigh. A relaxing spa weekend away from kids was the goal. My friend chose a facial. I chose a treatment from the Carolina Lavender Collection. This spa series is exclusive the to the Ballantyne, and the spa uses fresh grown lavender grown in York, S.C. 

In aromatherapy, Lavender has many healing effects on the body. When compounded down to essential oil, it's one of the most versatile oils sold on the market. Some call it the "Swiss Army Knife of the Essential Oil World." 

All About Lavender

In this exclusive treatment series, I chose The Carolina Lavender Body Wrap where the body is exfoliated with a lavender body scrub, followed by a lavender shea butter body mask. While wrapped in warm linens, you enjoy an invigorating foot and scalp massage. You end your treatment with the softest skin ever, more relaxed and with a cup of lavender tea and lavender infused dark chocolate, all made and created by La Bastide des Lavandes. 

Luxury Spa Secrets to Use at Home

Relaxing Spa Tips for Use at Home by the Ballantyne Hotel and Spa

When I go to these spas, I do relax, but I am typically on assignment, too. That means I'm finding news that you can use in your daily lives. The number one spa tip I learned on this trip is the importance of body exfoliation. We all should be doing this weekly at home.

Yes, that's right. I said weekly.  

Unless you are Bill Gates, and can afford a $135 treatment weekly at a spa like the Ballantyne, most people need to exfoliate at home with a sugar scrub. Pick a day and do it. 

You can buy a sugar scrub, but make sure it is all-natural. Many products on the market have artificial fragrances and other chemicals that will absorb right into your skin. The label may say natural, but that is not entirely true. The Beautycounter line that I endorse has a citrus and brown sugar scrub that is luxurious and moisturizing and has an EWG rating of a safe green.  Do your homework. Look at the EWG database for product safety. 

For example, this popular spa product didn't score well based on its ingredients nor did this one by Tree Hut, both of these products are sold at big beauty stores. 

But again, don't be fooled on what you think is natural even  brands like the popular Burt's Bees, well-known for being natural sometimes don't always score well because of a few ingredients, mainly artificial fragrances. It's the biggie no-no that gets most personal care products and because the U.S. personal care laws have not changed since 1938, beauty companies are protected by chemist trade secrets and they do not have to be revealed to the consumer. 

Save Money: Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

DIY Spa Beauty

And you can also save money by making your own sugar scrubs. It's really simple. They can be tailored to your own preferences, and typically take about 5 to 8 drops of a good essential oil to get the health benefits from it. 

An easy recipe: 
3/4 cup of Sugar (you can use brown, organic, or white) 
1/4 cup of Oil ( you can use olive, coconut, grape seed and even almond) 
5-8 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (Lavender is one of the versatile in a Young Living Starter Kit, an essential oil brand I use. ) 
Store in an airtight container. Make your own label and you are set for your sugar scrub routine. 

Initial cost: Less than $15 for your first sugar scrub, but many of you already have sugar and olive oil in your pantry. A 5ml bottle of Lavender from Young Living contains 85 drops. A 15ml bottle has 250 drops. Learn more about this company's Seed to Seal process. 

The Ballantyne uses lavender and grapefruit mostly in its scrubs. Both are great for the skin and even grapefruit essential oil has been to know to help tone and tackle cellulite. 

Exfoliate Correctly

It's best if you do not wet your skin before exfoliating

But, when you exfoliate, you need to do it correctly and according to the Ballantyne, this is key to the product working correctly. 

The product does not work as well when your skin is wet. It does not have the same impact as it does on the body dry. 

It's best to get in the shower, use the product all over your skin when it is dry and then scrub off. 

Also, do not use soap except on key parts of your body when needed. Let the oils penetrate and do their job. 

Follow up with a good hydrating Lavender lotion, hydrating butter type cream or your own DIY lotion/oil blend. (note: The recipe I linked calls for an overwhelming amount of Essential Oil. Based on my experience using Young Living Oils, and it's potent quality I suggest using less than 20 drops if using this particular recipe.)

Best Hotel Bets for Pampering Yourself at the Ballantyne Spa in Charlotte, N.C. 

The Ballantyne offers several day spa and overnight packages for the spa. The Girl's Getaway Package is a great bet with a $200 spa credit per night, a cocktail flight for tasting in the Gallery Bar. 

The Ballantyne also offers a great spa lunch just for spa guests. And if you are traveling with your family, you can purchase Carowinds tickets at the hotel plus take advantage of the Summer Getaway package.  (Sunday-Thursday stays). This includes a $50 resort credit and rates begin at $229. 

In addition, my blog affiliate partners Hotels.com and Expedia.com have  room rate specials under $250 per night for a room.

Disclosure: Some links in this post will result in a direct commission if purchased from my site. Thank you for your business and supporting my writing. Some experiences at the Ballantyne were done through #OutaboutNC Travel Marketing and were complimentary and reduced as part of media.  As with all of my stories, I carefully research my stories and any direct retail commission does not influence my written words and opinions. 

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