I miss cats, dogs, children, food, and travels on Facebook

I am in a funk.

And yes, I know there is an oil for that! Lots of them, and I inhale them daily, but even I know the essentials oils in my cabinet cannot change what I see on Facebook.

Will jokes, "Did it take Donald Trump to be President to get you to stop logging into Facebook?"

And I say, "I guess."  But, I still have the habit of logging in and when I do, I immediately regret my decision.

My son chimes in. "Facebook is for old people."

Apparently, it's the old people who cannot stop talking about politics then.

Every time I see my news feed, I get unmotivated.  I just want to hibernate in my home and watch the real news on TV or read the real news in the papers.

You know. Real news on TV where journalists report the facts and not give opinions.

No doubt.  The facts are pretty crazy lately.

To me, social media was supposed to be my Fru-Fru place.  It's where we told our friends where we were having dinner. What movie we saw.  What purse we bought or where we want to go on vacation.

I adore the steak tacos at an immigration founded restaurant here in Raleigh that is near my home. The entire menu is in  Spanish and the food is amazing.  I am so glad I found this restaurant called Don Beto's Tacos. 

 It was an escape from the daily news grind.  It was like the "Downton Abbey" of the dinner conversations where talking politics was frowned upon.

It's so important that people are activists and work to change things for the better good. It's critical that we have these strong people in our country. We need these people. People need to go and do. I respect them. But, why do people feel the need to share news reports all the time on social media?  I would rather see this statement in my feed, "I volunteered at the local homeless shelter for five hours today." That statement I would like. But, instead of seeing those facts, I see news article after news article.

Are they afraid that if they don't shout the news from the rooftops that people will think they support crazy things?  If they don't share political conversations, are they afraid that people will feel that they don't care about other people or immigrants?  Are they just afraid that people won't read or watch the news on their own and they are taking the time to educate others? If they share their cat's photo are they afraid that people will think they don't care about what is going on in the world?

We cannot get enough of our neighbor's dogs these days. The nice thing about logging off of  Facebook is that I now go for walks with our neighbors, too. 

I'm a former journalist, but I migrated to crime, features, and health because I liked that over politics. I used to groan when my assignment editor made me cover a city council meeting. But, I covered it very neutrally and that is what the real press is doing today. They are reporting the facts. I also know how to find the news when I want to read it.

Unfortunately, we live in a world now where we are saturated with news 24 hours a day.  We cannot escape it.

Facebook was once social, frivolous fun where we could log in and escape the constant news cycles for a little while.

Now, we have to turn to crazy filters on Snapchat to do that.

Look, I'm a cat with mutated hands, but man, my husband has good taste.

So, I promise you,  if you follow me on Facebook you're going to see a lot of fluff. But, that does not mean I do not care about this world and the state of craziness it is in.

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