Join me for the Walk for UNC Children's Hospital at North Hills in Raleigh on November 4

As parents, we are blessed when our children are healthy. As parents, it's also good to know that we have UNC Children's Hospital in North Carolina if we ever need it. We are fortunate that this top-notch hospital is there for us. I feel even more fortunate that I have not had to call on them in a time of need with a sick child.

But, this hospital in Chapel Hill, N.C.  is there for us, whenever we need it. It does not care about our gender, race, or socio-economic status. It only cares about helping our children in need. I toured this facility this summer. I heard its' stories and saw what this hospital does daily for children. It is an amazing place. I am grateful to have this institution in my home state. 

UNC Children's Hospital is there for us. So,  let's join together as a community and be there for them. I plan to join them on November 4 in Raleigh for the Inaugural Walk for Children's UNC Health Care. The walk will be at North Hills. I would love for you to join me, be a virtual walker, or make a contribution in honor of someone, perhaps your own well children or grandchildren. Here is the link to sign-up, or donate.

Walk for Children's Hospital

Thank you for supporting this wonderful hospital.

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