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An endorsement from Leigh

I started using essential oils in 2015. I knew very little about essential oils when I first started using them, and now I cannot live without them. They are part of my daily routine.  I buy all of my products from Young Living Essential Oils. I joined as a wholesale member and I get 24 percent off the price.  The membership is for anyone, and does not require you to sell essential oils, auto-ship, or purchase monthly. You buy when you want and how often you want,  however, I take advantage of the essential rewards program, and earn points back on my purchases.

Read a little more about my essential oil journey here.

The key to saving the most money with the company's essential rewards is to replace items that you use in your home and are already buying at a grocery store or drug store. I use Young Living's Probiotic monthly. It's a middle price point in terms of probiotics and is exceptional.  That's in my cart monthly and then I rotate other items that I use frequently such as the vitality oils for cooking, protein powders, lavender, oils used for cleaning and personal care products like household soaps, detergents, deodorant, and toothpaste.

I am in a Facebook group for users and we share ideas and our thoughts on the products. With Young Living, each wholesale member gets a membership referral number. If you choose to purchase a membership under my name, I can be your personal mentor and I'm offering $25 dollars back on premium starter kits for use to on other products to try. You can buy a basic membership for $45 just to get into the program if you prefer that route.

I have been very impressed with the customer service and quality of the products. If you would like to use my membership number, I welcome you.

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