Instagram Travel: Spooky Oakwood in Raleigh

Since our Instagram Thursday fell on Halloween this year, I had to stretch the travel theme somewhat this week because I did not want you to miss out on this ghastly house in the Oakwood area of Raleigh. My Instagram followers got a sneak peek before today with this photo.

If any area is haunted in Raleigh, North Carolina then my bets would be pretty high on the Oakwood area. It's Raleigh's oldest neighborhood.

I've always loved the houses in Oakwood, and when we were house hunting ten years ago, I strongly considered Oakwood because of its location, but when I toured a house on the market at the time, something felt creepy.  I can't explain it.  But, I looked at Will and said, "Some of these houses could be haunted."

Oakwood is best known for its candlelight Christmas Tours, which I attend yearly. Every holiday I regret not finding a house in the area when it was in our budget.  Now, it is difficult to find a house under $500K, with a ghost or without.  This one has quite the cast of characters.

Thanks to the terror of this home, Oakwood, is now known for Halloween, too.  Some other houses on the street also decorate for the spooky holiday.

And some houses still look a little creepy without doing a thing.  It does take a lot of work to renovate these houses.

Pretty pumpkins are more my style. This is one of my favorite homes in the neighborhood.

Rumor has it that the spooky house gave out 1,000 pieces of a candy in an hour last Halloween. But, enter at our own risk. Plastic black snakes are known to fall from the sky.


I would DIE.  Honestly, I was too creeped out to walk by the house on the sidewalk so I probably could have gotten a lot more pictures, but I was scared.

And who wouldn't be with Elm Street down the block.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Halloween!

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