Keeping your Baby Safe: Beautycounter Launches Safe, Simple Ingredient Baby Line with each Ingredient Disclosed #BetterBeauty

Yes, my personal days of having a baby is over, but I'm entering a new phase in life where some of my friends are becoming grandparents. My college roommate will become a first-time grandmother next month. And because Liza is only six, several of her friends have baby brothers or sisters.  My days of being around babies is, fortunately, not over. I get my baby fix every Tuesday during my daughter's dance class. What we put on our baby can have an impact in the future. I made mistakes with my kids, but I'm now sharing with you on how you don't have to make the same mistakes I made when it came to skincare.

Safe products for babies:

Over the last few years, I've become more vocally passionate about causes.  Maybe I've matured and have become more comfortable to give my thoughts. It's kind of unlike me to take a stand on anything, really much less publicly, but I'm taking a more natural approach to my way of life. I think it started in 2014 when I began using my produce delivery service which caused me to read more about nutrition, whole foods, and the supplements we may or may not need in our lives.  I understand why milk without hormones or vegetables without pesticides are crucial. I have done my research.

I am a Young Living member, and even though I don't use all of their products, I've gone with a more all-natural approach to my home cleaning, the protein powders I use, my toothpaste, deodorant and even some supplements. And yes, I put a few essential oils in a diffuser.

Am I a 47-year-old modern hippie? I don't think so even though I went to a very liberal, environmental conscious university here in North Carolina where people could actually major in Environmental Studies. I didn't even know what that meant, much less understand the importance of a college major like that in 1991. But, fast-forward 25 years and for the first time, it feels as if my vision is clearer. Maybe becoming a parent changed me. Maybe the fact that I live in an urban, sophisticated city with largest research park in the U.S had an impact on me.  Maybe it was a friend who reads food labels. I don't know. It doesn't matter now.  What matters is that I'm moving forward from this point.

I started using Beautycounter cosmetics last November after being introduced to it at a VendRaleigh meeting where I was speaking. I was at the point in my life where my current brand of cosmetics was low so I decided to try the Beautycounter cosmetics. Well, after learning why Beautycounter CEO Gregg Renfrew, started her company, I got an eye-opening education and it is something I never thought about in all of my many years of buying personal care products.  The U.S. has not passed a federal law to regulate the safety of personal care products since 1938.  Europe has been researching and banning or restricting 1400 ingredients whereas the U.S  has banned 11 up to date. Beautycounter has developed a NEVER list of 1500 products that will not go in their products.

The Never List for Beautycounter cosmetics. Only safe products

I've been buying cosmetics since I was 12. Back then, I wanted Lancôme which was about as chic as you got in 1980. As a TV reporter, I bought cosmetics more than I bought anything else. I have bought and used just about every brand of cosmetics you can think of from drug store cheap to department chic to buying directly from a make-up artist. It's the one luxury I will never do without it, and I have even joked that if stranded on a deserted island, I would be lost without my face powder, mascara, and lipstick. The beauty industry is a huge part of my life and even though I'm less superficial then perhaps in my younger years, I still want to look my best and cosmetics help me do that.  But more importantly, I want safe cosmetics for my own daughter when she wants to wear lip gloss or mascara in the future. In fact, she has to wear make up now for recitals a couple of times a year. 

#betterbeauty Beautycounter

I bought whatever I saw in the magazines and never thought twice about what I was putting on my face, my body or even on my children.  Recently, Liza wanted a cheap Elsa and Anna fragrance because well, it had the two characters on it that she loved most. I've made better choices about food, but changes in cosmetics never occurred to me.  Her brother sprayed it on her face, and she broke out in hives. You would be shocked about all the nasty things that are hidden behind the simple word: fragrance. 

#BetterBeauty Safe Beautycounter products

A friend told me about the EWG website SkinDeep and honestly, I wanted to throw up. The products, even some high-end baby lines that I purchased as a new Mom in baby boutiques were not considered safe products due to the ingredients in them.  Research shows that most Moms change their buying habits after having a child, and it may start with something as simple as looking for a safe sunscreen. 

This EWG public website helps parents and consumers buy products with safer ingredients. Luckily, there are products that have good ratings so I encourage each of you to go through your cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and see how your brand ranks.  You want to shoot for a 1 to 2 rating. The lower the better. 

Beautycounter is on EWG. Ranked high for safety.

I've been using Beautycounter awhile and replacing my items as quickly as my cosmetic budget would allow. Beautycounter's new Baby line is in its most simple and purest form. It's fragrance-free, and developers made an important decision not to scent this baby line in order to keep it in its purest form and to keep the ingredients uncomplicated. All ingredients are listed on the website and on the product.
New Safe Baby Line with Beautycounter for Babies

When learning about the product, I was told that that Beautycounter's philosophy is that newborns don't need to be washed often anyway. There is no need to strip the baby of its natural oils, but this new line with a 2-in-1 formula gentle all over wash provides a nourishing and tear-free product when you do bathe your infant. 

Gentle Baby Wash by Beautycounter: Safe, simple, uncomplicated ingredients

I now have the passion for the change that BeautyCounter CEO Gregg Renfrew has put in motion, and is outlined in the business article. Just like actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her blog GOOP, I've become an online partner with Beautycounter as well. You can buy the same products I use daily right from my site.  And yes, I will benefit directly from your purchases, and it will underwrite all my other editorial, travel and non-sponsored content I present on this blog. I am always transparent with my disclosures and your trust in me as a source.  Beautycounter also has a very flexible return policy if for some reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchases. I have never returned any of my products, but I also know the look, feel, or exact color of a cosmetic can be very subjective. 

Try Beautycounter now. Email me your needs and let's chat. 

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