Why You Should Attend NC's Premier Social Media Conference at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill

The landscape of social media changes daily. One thing that I've learned in my stint as an online digital publisher in the past eight years is that you can never stop learning and connecting.

When the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC invited me to be part of its first-ever social media conference called #Innfluenced2019, I knew I wanted to be there.

NC Blogger Leigh Powell Hines talks Social Media and Blogging
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In my career as a blogger, I have floundered many times. Sometimes, it seemed like I had more unsuccesses than successes. As a self-employed businesswoman who still works to do this online publishing gig part-time while my primary focus still remains with raising my children, now 13 and 9, I feel as if  I have created a small business that has the workload of a 60-hour week.  But yet, I don't have enough hours to work. I am constantly saying, "Oh, I want to do this or do that story." As a former TV journalist who served as my own assignment editor, I have the ability to find a good story or angle. My years of education in journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill taught me well.

However, I never have enough time to do all that I need to do to make this business grow and raise my family. So, a lot of my story ideas remain in the black hole of "one day I may do this story on the blog."

And of course, it's also nice to write editorial content for my audience, but I do not work for public relations people. I work for myself and I know very few public relations people ( I've been one myself) who will craft story ideas, write news releases and tell a story without being paid anything.

I have to find sponsors to help pay me for my time. Yes, I love to write, share things, but I also value my own time because, like most working people, I want to have some income and have obligations to do things for my family.

I've never really discussed my goals because I rarely ever talk about the business side of blogging, but I know that what I do now with my blog and social media is my passion. Every year,  I want to do more work than the year prior, but I don't want to do it just for my own enjoyment. Money needs to be behind it somehow whether that be through sponsorships, brand posts or advertising.

In five years, I will have more time to run this business, hopefully. We never truly know the future. My son will be in his last year in high school and my daughter will be in her last year of middle school. When Will decides to retire, I hope to kick it up a notch because when I get in my home office to work on my projects, it does not feel like work to me but instead brings me joy.  I imagine an actor feels the same way when he or she does a role. I really do not have any other way to explain it.

The age of 50 has been my year of a reboot after a few years of soul-searching on what is it I want to do. Where do I want to head in the future? Who am I? What story do I have to tell? And the biggest question of all is why would anyone even care? I wrestle with that one a lot especially when it comes to social media because that is new for me. I've had to learn on the job. I also find that it changes just as soon as I learn something I feel like is the right way.

#Innfluenced 2019_Social Media Conference

People like to say social media is for the Millenials. In my opinion, Gen X is going to get more social media savvy each year. More and more people Gen X people or even Baby Boomers will start using Instagram because it's the only way they will be able to see their grandchildren. My own mother-in-law tells me every so often that she needs to break down and get Instagram because she's missing all the action because they never post to Facebook anymore.

Professionally, social media has changed the world's digital landscape. We are connected more than ever. It's changed how events are covered. It gives people professional opportunities. Social media gives every single person a chance to have a voice, a platform and be their own boss.  It's not going anywhere, but it will change from year to year and we will have to learn to grow with it.

With all of this new social media opportunity, however, comes a new wave of blogs, YouTube shows, and social media channels.  Unfortunately,  everyone is out there in this space screaming for attention. Businesses are also looking for your attention as well. What may have started out as something fun for people to do online is now a billion-dollar marketing industry.

If you are a business, blogger, online social media user, join me at #Innfluenced2019 in Chapel Hill, NC at the Carolina Inn August 23-25.  At this conference, we will learn to:

Empower. Expand. Engage

Early Bird Price until July 15 is $299
Admission Price July 16 and after is $349
There is 10% off for groups of more who attend together.
Buy Influenced 2019 Tickets here:

I  look forward to meeting you.

Love Social Media?  NC Carolina will have #Innfluenced2019 at the Carolina Inn August 23-25 in Chapel Hill, NC.

Disclosure: I am a media partner for this Innfluenced2019 Conference. All my fees and hotels lodgings will be covered by the conference.

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