Three Tips to Get Dinner on the Table Quickly

If you are like me then the late afternoon to early evening hours are the most hectic hours in a day. My kids get off the bus at 4:30 p.m, and on some days, we even tackle after school activities like dance and cub scouts.

In my #periscopewithpurpose challenge this week, I was given the task of giving some productivity tips. I had a fun chat, but it's a little long so I thought I would sum up three productivity tips that have helped me get dinner on the table quickly these days.

3 Tips for Getting Dinner Together Quickly

Tip One: I go into this in great detail in the scope, but I no longer plan my meals around recipes that require a lot of ingredients or steps.  I save those for weekends and special occasions.  My meals usually consist of a meat (protein), a vegetable, and either brown rice or orzo pasta with feta cheese. It's quite simple. The kids will eat most of it and there is very little waste.

Tip Two:  I use a produce delivery service, and I order my produce and meats on Monday, and it gets delivered the next day. I find that having an abundance of different seasonal produce has really helped me go to more basic cooking like sauteing fresh vegetables or roasting them then serving the vegetable as a side. PapaSpuds, which is the produce delivery service that I use also has fresh pasta and organic meats. I tend to order the chicken thighs and chicken legs the most often just because it is a better bang for your buck. My kids love my roasted chicken and kale recipe.

Tip Three: My kids love seafood so I keep an abundance of wild caught fish fillets in the freezer for quick meals as well as fresh pasta and other meats. Having meats in the freezer, rice, beans, potatoes, or pasta in the pantry, and then having produce delivered weekly ensures that I don't alway have to meal plan. I can automatically pull out tuna steaks, brown rice, and fresh green beans from my weekly produce order and I have a very simple meal planned out that can get on the table in about 20 minutes.

So, if you have time, check out the scope. It was great to interact with everyone.

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