Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe That Your Kids Can Make

I've shared many times before that I am not really a baker. But, Liza loves to bake so that means more often than not, I have to make something sweet for the holidays. 

candy cane and white and dark chocolate peppermint bark

Peppermint Bark is probably the easiest thing to bake for a non-baker, and Liza can do it unsupervised now.  All you need are sheet pans, candy canes, white and dark chocolate.  I like to use European brand chocolates, but any chocolate will work.  

Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe 

homemade peppermint bark with crushed candy canes on top of white and dark chocolate

Easy Peppermint Bark Ingredients

2 large Lindt White Chocolate Bars
2 large Lindt Milk or Dark Chocolate  ( I mixed my chocolates for a unique twist)
25 small candy canes broken

Melt white chocolate in a double boiler. I mix in a little butter to help smooth the chocolate. Scoop melted white chocolate onto parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet. If you are using Epicure Sheet Pan Silicone liners then you do no need to use parchment paper. 

Melt dark chocolate in a double broiler. I add a tablespoon of butter for richness and to help the chocolate soften. Spread dark chocolate mixture on top of white chocolate. Mash candy canes. 

My kids love doing this (to get the candy canes as smashed as high-quality retail peppermint bark then they peppermint needs to be very fine, but you can do this version any way you like and my kids made chunky.  Sprinkle the peppermint on top of the chocolate and press some into the chocolate. Freeze for 30 minutes to an hour. Break into squares. Or let soften and cut squares neatly.

It is that simple. 

Peppermint Bark in a red, white and green gift box.

This is also great to make after the holidays as well because all candy is on sale, and it makes the new year a little more festive. 

Originally posted in December 2014 and updated December 2020. My kids do not even look like this any longer. 

A Buckeye Brownie a Day this Holiday...(Recipe)

A buckeye brownie a day this holiday will make your bottom rounder than Santa's tummy. 

Holiday  Buck-eye brownies, cross between a brownie and a buckeye candy

Yes, Virginia, they are worth the calories! I may even leave some out for Santa, but I'll have to make them again because my first batch will not last until Christmas Eve. 

Buckeye Brownies

Submitted by: Heather Prentic from Mars, PA

Package of brownie mix. Make it gluten-free by using Epicure's Brownie Mix.
2 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 cup plus 6 T of butter, softened and divided
8 oz jar or 1 cup of creamy peanut butter
6-oz pkg of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Prepare and bake brownie mix in a greased 13"x9" baking pan according to package directions. Let cool. Mix powdered sugar, 1/2 cup butter, and peanut butter. Mix well and spread over cooled brownies. Chill for one hour. Melt together chocolate chips and remaining butter in a saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally. Spread over brownies. Let cool; cut into squares. Makes 2 to 3 dozen

For another idea, use Epicure's individual petite pan


NC Small Business Holiday Gifts that Every Woman will Love (The Family, too)

For the past few months, I have hosted the OutaboutNC Small Business Holiday Gift-Pop-Up on Facebook with TeachLearnStyle.com.  Kim and I were able to promote these NC businesses without any cost to them to give back to the state in 2020.

It's been a tough year on hospitality and retail, which those two subjects are at the core of what my social media platforms are all about. The event was sponsored by our blog affiliates, which help support bloggers, so they do not have to beat the payment finding sponsors every day, and we can continue to share editorial content with you. Your purchases from our website affiliates are a passive way to help support the blogging industry because you don't show up to work for free, and neither do we. 

As I've gotten to know these North Carolina business owners, I have put together a list of my favorite products that I think would be great holiday gifts.  These gift ideas would be great for anyone on your list, however, I've geared this holiday gift guide toward women. 

I've been known to wrap up my own Christmas gifts and place them under the tree, so no judgment from me if you place these in your holiday cart today just for you. 

non-toxic hand=-poured beeswax lavender vanilla candle made in NC

5” Honeycomb Pillar candle with 100% Pure Beeswax Candle made in NC

100 % Natural Beeswax, hand-poured  NC-made aromatherapy candles

Wellness by Ari is based in Matthews, North Carolina. Owner, Dasha Kosovon,  began the quest to find non-toxic candles in 2018 for her family. So many candles are made with artificial scents and man-made ingredients. "This desire came after burning a candle that was gifted to us and seeing black residue in our kids' noses after burning the candle. That’s when we said “Never Again!” and began working on creating a candle that would not only be pleasant to burn but beneficial." stated Dasha. 

Wellness by Ari candles are hand-poured with U.S natural beeswax and organic hemp wicks and scented with pure essential oils. She has many best-selling aromatherapy scented candles such as Honey CinnamonChristmas Tree, Lavender Vanilla, and Forest Romance

Hand-stamped hammered bar necklace with birthstones

Adventures by Bloom is located in Cary, NC, and was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Cary. Owner Laura Gerenser began her business with mobile metal stamping classes in 2017. Adventures by Bloom has now grown into a gift shop and craft space in downtown Cary, offering metal stamped jewelry classes and local products from over thirty artisans. 

hand-stamped christmas tree holiday ornament with family names

Stay 6 feet apart 2020 holiday ornament made to look like a ruler

Keepsake 2020 Holiday Ornaments from Adventures in Bloom in Cary, NC 


Fluffy-white zip-up jacket

Cozy attire and affordable fashion from Anna Jean Boutique in Elizabeth City, NC

I think it is wonderful when you see young women pursuing their dreams.  Brie Barclift graduated from Meredith College in 2018 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and founded Anna Jean Boutique in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  

The boutique is full-service in Eastern North Carolina, from clothing to accessories.  I love that she finds affordable fashions that can make women look great.  I love the Frosty Nights Fluffy Zip-Up Jacket and the Cozy Collection Loungewear.  Who doesn't love to lounge? Brie looks great in both. I love the Netflix and Chill outfit.  That's like the epitome of my life: blog, Cook, Netflix, and Chill in my chair.  Currently, I'm finishing the Crown and will soon start the Queen's Gambit. 

NC-made-gift basket with NC food appetizers

A gift box containing three NC jams such as pepper jelly, blackberry jam and bacon and fig jam.

North Carolina Food can be experienced throughout the world with a customized Hometown Goodie Boxes Gift.  From holiday jam to charcuterie gift boxes, there is something for everyone's culinary tastes. 

North Carolina is a foodie state, and we have a lot to offer in culinary products from Murphy to Manteo. Hometown Goodie Box founder, Linda Seymour, combined her own love to eat with North Carolina made products. Through her goodie box business, people from all over the world can experience a taste of North Carolina. 

"Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I was surrounded by families, farmers, and neighbors that grew vegetables and fruits, harvested nuts from their trees, and raised animals for consumption. Craftsmanship, ingenuity, and pride in every aspect of life’s work forged the lives of the women and men around me," stated Linda. "Over the years, I’ve tried to pass these "hometown" treasures and traditions on to my own family and friends, and now - through Hometown Goodie Boxes - I'm excited to pass them on to other people.  The "NC Family Breakfast" box is one of her most popular collections. 

NC handmade natural espresso cups with colbalt blue decoration

pottery necklace and jewelry holder with dog paw print handpainted in 22k gold

wood-fired vase with slipping trail details

Beautiful NC pottery designs from Curry Wilkinson Pottery 

North Carolina has so much talent, and two truly talented individuals are Curry and Sarah Wilkinson, who founded Curry Wilkinson Pottery in Burlington, NC.  Curry was an apprentice under NC potter Joseph Sand when he first met Sarah. She is the creator behind the NC holiday ornaments and pottery jewelry featuring hand-painted 22K gold. 

Curry Wilkinson Pottery opened in 2018, where these North Carolina artisans focus on home decor and functional pottery art.  Each handmade pottery  piece is one-of-a-kind,  and in my opinion, quite affordable. They are also animal lovers, with three pets of their own and certain products have 10% of the proceeds going to the NC animal rescue organization, Paws4ever, in Mebane, NC

holiday gift ideas with Beautycounter clean beauty producs

beautycounter luminous cream eyeshadows gift box

Make better health a priority in 2021, and share clean beauty with your loved ones. Beautycounter has gorgeous holiday gifts for men and women that anyone would love. I certainly have my favorites, but the one product I'm looking the most forward to is the Luminous Lid Cream Shadows

Give the gift of clean beauty. I've been brand loyal to Beautycounter, a clean beauty brand with the most rigid ingredient process. Beautycounter Founder, Gregg Renfrow, started the company with the mission of health before beauty after learning that only 30 harmful chemicals were banned by the FDA due to harmful side effects.  In contrast, the U.K. bans around 1400 ingredients in its products, while Canada bans around 600 chemicals/ingredients in its personal care and beauty products. 

Renfrow leads this company with advocacy behind its' mission with ingredient transparency, powered by the people, the planet, a purpose to get safe beauty products in the hands of everyone at all price points by changing federal laws.  Every Beautycounter product is transparent of its ingredients and is responsibly-sourced to protect both people and the planet.  

tory burch bag with countertime skincare line with retinatural formula
The safe alternative to retinol is Beautycounter's Retinatural Countertime formula that mimics the effects of retinol with the harsh side effects making it a safe beauty health choice for anti-aging beauty products.  The Countertime Ultra-Renewal Eye Cream and Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Night Cream are my favorite skincare products. 

Beautycounter has a never-list of over 1800 unsafe chemicals that it does not allow in its products.  Beautycounter is about both health safety and product performance. Some ingredients are synthetic because they perform better and they work. Natural sometimes is not the best choice when it comes to safety and products due to allergens. I've been part of Beautycounter's affiliate marketing/sales team for four years, and it's the brand I stand behind and support. It is my number one skincare and cosmetic brand by choice. If you have a passion for clean beauty, please join my VIP group, Curating the Good Life with Better and Safer Beauty (Deals for VIPs), on Facebook.  

We have lots of fun over there through giveaways, mystery hostess events, and much more.  Being clean is about more than just switching to safer beauty.  It's a lifestyle, and I help my group do it at their own pace and on their own budget. Getting clean can be overwhelming, but every little step makes a big difference.  Beautycounter's curated  The Clean Guide can help consumers make better and smarter choices. 

red holiday lantern with santa and snowman and spinning christmas tree

Holidays Gifts from St. Nick's Nacks. This lighted shimmer water lantern with a snowman, Santa, and a spinning tree. Would make fabulous holiday decor for the season. 

BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles jewlery in gold and fawn colors

Callahan's Holiday Gifts for Her and one of the largest patterned face-covering/mask selections from designers such as Simply Southern to Vera Bradley that I've seen anywhere locally. 

pumpkin cheese cake holiday fudge from Callahan's of Calabash

When COVID protocols forced the closure of restaurants and retail in 2020. Callahan's developed its first-ever online retail store. Because Callahan's inventory is massive, not everything is online, including its fudge. Still, you can call during store hours and have Callahan's homemade fudge shipped as well as other gifts if you are looking for something particular.  Callahan's has something for everyone or even for yourself. I think the all-weather bangles from the BuDuaGirl brand are a perfect holiday gift idea for someone special on your list.   

Because my parents owned a second home in North Myrtle Beach, I grew up going to Calabash, NC, during the holidays and over the summers. We would eat fried seafood then stop at Callahan's of Calabash to shop.  It was my favorite place to go because the Christmas shop looked like a wonderland. This family-owned business, established in 1978, takes up several blocks of the town's main street corner as you head to the waterfront. Callahan's has one of the largest Christmas shops in North Carolina called St. Nick's Nacks. My Dad loved Callahan's homemade peanut butter fudge.  

My Dad consistently claimed their fudge as the best in NC and never left a trip without a pound in a bag.  His favorite was the peanut butter, which is typically available year-round in the store.  

cheer holiday ornament

Last year, the store sent me a Cheer ornament for Liza because I knew that it would be Callahan's if any place had one. Seriously, they have everything!!! I was thrilled to include Callahan's of Calabash in my OutaboutNC virtual pop-up store. 

stud earrings from the  pink champagne celebration from McRae Design using colors pink, red and green.


Plaid earrings with gold, burgundy, and a holiday plaid pattern

holiday tear-drop earrings in pink, red and green

McRae Design offers a monthly subscription box where you receive new one of a kind jewelry releases each month. 

Jen McRae is the creator behind McRae Designs in North Carolina. She embraces the colors in paintings and then formulates many earring designs and color palettes from those paintings, then she releases them as a jewelry art collection. I am one of those rare women who don't wear earrings because I've never had my ears pierced, but I was drawn to her Mad about Plaid-Holiday collection. Her latest inspiration is the Pink Champagne Celebration collection with beautiful greens, pinks, and reds.

 I love reading the McRae Design website because artist Jen McRae tells the story of why she chose the path that she did with her color choices and pattern collaborations. Jen has also branched out into designing to snap clips for your hair and mask/wallet clutches. I think Jen is most fond of plaid, and since she is located in Scotland County in the town of Laurinburg, plaid designs certainly fit her brand well. 

plaid hair clips

I basically live in Zyia Active Wear these days. I joke that I wear it to type 100 words per minute.  The first purchase I made was Zyia's Bomber bra, and now I've thrown away all of my old bras, and I only wear Zyia Active sports bras. I love them.  I also live in the Zyia Light and Tight Leggings and a half- zip pullover.  I'm wearing those three Zyia Active items from TL Style Boutique, which is also a sponsor of the OutaboutNC pop-up.  

Kim was the one who helped keep me all organized with these pop-up events. Zyia Active is a lifestyle clothing brand founded by Erin Bradley, a fellow cheer mom. No doubt, cheer moms are unstoppable. I'm so impressed with the brand. 

dog in stroller with woman wearing Zyia Activewear

green pocket  1/2  zip pullover from Zyia Active

purple bomber bra from Zyia Active

Zyia Active has something for every body type  I truly love my Zyia light and tight leggings and Zyia sports bras. I get sad when I have to put them in the wash. I think I need a pair for every day of the week. I also recommend Zyia underwear. I thank Kim for helping me sponsor the holiday pop-up. I ordered the green pocket half-zip pullover for myself this week because I wanted to own two of them. It is a true staple in my wardrobe. You do not get too hot in the house, but yet it is easy to layer without being bulky

customized-name-braclets in a variety of colors from Raleighwood Beads

Colorful Nutcracker necklaces

pink and cobalt blue bead braclet

Each Raleighwood Beads necklace, bracelet, or earrings have a unique name. If you see something you like from Instagram, it can be recreated with a similar look, but would still be one of a kind.  The bracelet pictured above is called the Brenna Bracelet. It features a beautiful cobalt blue patterned bead. 

Raleighwood Beads Owner and Designer Carolyne Grizer never make the same jewelry design twice. She will work with you to customize your own design, and each design is unique. One of her bestselling items during the holidays is the whimsical Nutcracker necklace. Carolyne loved beads as a child, and she would be fascinated with all the beads in Michaels. Not living in Raleigh during her childhood, but close enough to make day trips, her Dad would announce, "Lets' go to Raleighwood!" hence the inspiration for the name behind her Raleighwood Beads jewelry.  Raleighwood Beads designs can be found in many local NC boutiques. 

Epicure multipurpose steamer filled with chicken parmesean accompanied by a green salad and pasta noodles

I am thrilled to introduce the Canadian company, Epicure, as one of my latest blog affiliates. Epicure was founded by Sylvia Rochette in 1997.  Like many of us today, she was a busy mom who wanted to eat clean and healthy but needed to quickly get dinner on the table. She developed time-saving silicon cookware that can be used in both the oven and microwave.  Epicure is a household name in Canada and launched into the U.S market last fall.

 Epicure helps time-starved families get affordable and simple meal solutions on the table from raw to ready in 20 minutes or less.  All ingredients in its healthy seasoning mixes are clean, non-processed, and gluten-free.  I have fallen in love with Epicure products because it is what I needed in 2020 to make life in my kitchen easier.  The first product any person should buy is the Epicure multipurpose steamer.  It is a true workhorse in the kitchen. I used it for Thanksgiving with so many dishes, and without it, I don't think I could have made as many dishes as I did. There are tons of Epicure multipurpose steamer recipes. 

Creamy mashed potatoes in the Epicure multipurpose steamer

With the Epicure steamer, you can make entire meals such as steamer chicken parmesan in eight minutes and steamer buttery mashed potatoes in ten minutes.  It has truly become one of my favorite products. The best deal is to get the Epicure steamy dinners collection which includes three meals that can be cooked in the steamer.  Join my A Dash of Flavor with Leigh Powell Hines group on Facebook. 

Holiday Shopping Made Easy: Shop the #OutaboutNC Virtual Small Biz Holiday Pop-Up Market

2020 will go down in history as the year the world stopped being what we were used to living in daily.  We stopped basically everything we loved, and unfortunately, many people lost people who they loved.


In 2020, we are more attached to the internet than in any year prior. Travel stopped. Eating in restaurants stopped. Shopping in person stopped. Retail stores closed down for months, and to survive, many retail stores had to turn to online sales to survive the economy. 

Callahan's of Calabash Opened an Online Store During COVID in NC

For my OutaboutNC community on Instagram, my focus is 100 percent on North Carolina, the same place where I have called home for a lifetime. When I started my #OutaboutNC chats on IGTV in late March, getting to know the individuals behind North Carolina's businesses put a little spark in my step in 2020.  

These local businesses have had to pivot with some developing an online store for the first time ever. Even I have somewhat pivoted in a new direction during COVID as my HouseStalker YouTube Show shoots halted, and travel and leisure content became limited. 

I've put more emphasis on working with brand affiliates, which align with my lifestyle such as my passion for clean beauty education/advocacy with Beautycounter. This beauty and skincare brand is a leader in the Clean Beauty industry with a Never-List of about 1800 questionable or harmful ingredients not allowed in its products.  My Beautycounter affiliate is now a primary source of revenue to support this blog over sponsorships, enabling me to keep the majority of my OutaboutNC and blog content editorial. 

Beautycounter wrapped up a three-month partnership with Sephora, and awareness about health over beauty is now greater than ever. More and more companies are cleaning up their act and making more products safer for consumers. My #BetterBeauty VIP group on Facebook shares all brands of Clean Beauty and helps educate consumers to make better choices at all price points. I also offer flash sales and discounts. 

For my latest #OutaboutNC project, I hand-picked vendors throughout North Carolina to work with me on a virtual holiday pop-up market for three weekends in October, November, and December. My longtime friend, Kim Prejs, of Teach Learn Style.com, is also sponsoring the event with her main affiliate, Zyia Active, a new favorite brand. 

The NC Small Biz Holiday Pop-Up

NC Small Business Pop-Up Participants

Wellness by Ari, located in Matthews, NC. Ari candles are made using 100% natural ingredients, starting with organic hemp wick and beeswax. 

Curry Wilkinson Pottery, located in Burlington, NC. This NC artisan specializes in jewelry, gifts, and pottery decor made on-site in its pottery studio. 

Hometown Goodie Boxes, based in La Grange, NC, This online shop specializes in gift boxes filled with NC made food/products. 

Callahan's Of Calabash,  located in Calabash, NC. This popular gift store has 35,000 retail space and has been a staple on the North/South Carolina border for forty years. Callahan's debuted its new online shop in 2020.  

Our October pop-up shop will be hosted in a special online Facebook group, and we will also share some items on Instagram. Join the pop-up shop on Facebook. Also, respond to our event RSVP as well so more people can learn about it. 

We will be having a few other vendors join us for our November and December pop-ups. 

Each vendor will be hosting a giveaway for one of the events. In October, everyone who joins the October 9-11 pop will be registered to win one of our two October gifts. 

This adorable fall patchwork pumpkin gnome from Callahan's will look great in your home for a festive fall.

Hometown Goodie Boxes has put together an exclusive goodie box for one lucky winner who attends the pop-up. 

The winner will enjoy a hot cup of tea from Asheville Tea Company. Working closely with local growers, Asheville Tea creates unique blends using botanicals, herbs, and other natural ingredients. From the piedmont area of NC, Lindley Mills organic muffin mix is healthy, easy, and delicious! A 10th generation organic specialty flour mill, Lindley Mills'  Muffin Mix is great alone, just add water, or toss in your favorite fruits, nuts, or chocolate chips. Top off your hot muffin with delicious peach preserves from Deans Farm Market in Wilson, NC. A local working farm, Deans Farm, gathers local produce at its peak, capturing the essence of that peach taste. 

We look forward to you attending the October 9-11 OutaboutNC Small Biz Holiday Pop-Up.

Sponsored by Beautycounter with Leigh Powell Hines and Zyia Active with Kim Prejs

Beautycounter and Zyia  Active: Two Great Brands

Packing A Boden Swimsuit, Beautycounter Sunscreen and Much More in My Pool Bag

Updated July 2020: Will and I were at our neighborhood pool this weekend, and ironically, I was wearing this same Boden swimsuit that I bought in the summer of 2011 and showcased in this post so many years ago. The suit has faded a little, but it still fits. I have also bought two other Boden swimsuits over the years, too, and still, swear by this brand. 

As we were sitting there in our lounge chairs with a pool bag filled with nothing, but Countersun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Mist, I noticed several families in the pool who had children about the age of my kids when I first wrote this post. My kids were under the age of six at the time. 

I looked at Will as we sat there with no children with us, and said, "I don't miss the days of bringing young children to the pool with swim diapers and all of the stuff." He laughed and stated, "It was so much work. By the time we got to a pool, applied sunscreen, and put on their floaties, it was then time to go home because it was their nap time." 

We no longer keep up with the gear, swim diapers, or any pool accessories that parents need to take to the pool these days. We just have to keep up with where our kids are now when we're relaxing at the pool. Lucky for you, websites like Globo Surf, do all the research for you on the best swim diapers to use on your brief trip to the pool.  Enjoy this trip down my parenting lane from 2011. Parents, I promise you that you'll be where Will and I at the pool sooner than you think. I must also be frank with you. I don't miss those pool days at all. I was wrong on my prediction that I would miss them. But I love going to the pool now.  And this child, nine years later, even carries her own swim towel, but I'm still left toting the pool bag. 

Summer 2011

I remember the days when I loved going to the pool.  I would pack up a cute little tote with a book, magazines, and a bottle of water, and I would sit in a lounge chair with not a care in the world for about an hour.   Do you remember doing that in your younger days?  Heck, I was doing it when I was 36.  Fast forward six years and the pool season is no longer what I remember and could perhaps be my most dreaded time of the year.  As a mom, you know what I'm talking about here.  Taking young kids to a pool is incredibly hard work. It's the most laborious work I've ever done for only an hour of entertainment.

Gone are the days of sitting in a lounge chair with a good read.  Yes, I was one of those people.  Every season, I would have a cute bathing suit, hair, and makeup always completed, and my swimsuit rarely got wet.  These days, I'm lucky if I'm even able to sit down at all, my swimsuit could be on backward for all I know, and it's highly likely I'm hiding my no-makeup face behind a big pair of sunglasses.  My hair usually looks as if I have already gone for a swim.

Large pool bag filled with snacks, towels, and toys

As for that little pool tote, it has now been replaced with a big pool bag filled with sunscreen, snacks, sippy cups, extra diapers, pool toys, wipes, clothes for two kids, Zip-Loc bags for wet swimsuits, grocery bags for dirty diapers, and, of course, towels.

It also never fails that I always leave something important at home.  The bag is so full and heavy that I lean to one side as I peer through the crowd to find a seat for us and all of our pool loot. It's only 10:30 a.m., and it looks as if the early birds got the best places fo sit. The pool doesn't open until 10:00 a.m.  Those early birds need to teach me how to pack a pool bag quickly.

We find our lounge chair, apply our sunscreen, and are ready to hit the pool fountains at zero water entry, which is perfect for a toddler.  Let the kid fun begin! 

What's that sound? It's a whistle.  Oops!  You guessed it. It's kiddie break time for ten minutes where people who are like the "old me" can frolic in the water splash-free.

Mini Boden Swimsuit

I dig in my bag for snacks. It's never on top, so I sift through goggles and sunscreen to find the goldfish.  Even though we just got there, this is my chance to sit for ten minutes because the rest of the time, this middle-aged mama will be standing in water with her rear end for all to see instead of lounging in a chair where my backside would be nicely hidden.  At least this year, I'm attempting to stand there in a cute Boden swimsuit. If only I looked as attractive as the model in the catalog, though.

The scorching, southern heat kicks in as it is approaching lunch and my daughter's naptime.  Pool fun must end.  And yes, it's just as much work to pack up that bag and change everyone into dry clothes as it is to get us ready to go.  One day, I know I will be able to park my backside in a lounge chair again while my tweens tote their own pool bags to the pool. I'll see all the younger mamas with their behinds in the pool with their little ones, and I bet I'll say, "I do miss those days!"

pre-schooler with googles

See you at the pool! 

Beautycounter has you covered when it comes to safe sunscreens. This clean beauty company prohibits chemical SPF filters due to their potential for skin irritation. Beautycounter prefers to use physical sunscreens, more commonly known as mineral sunscreens. The formula’s non-nano zinc oxide sits on the surface of the skin and physically bounces or reflects the sun’s rays away from the skin. While the sunscreens are ideal for sensitive skin, remember that sunscreens should be used only on children six months of age or older. For babies under six months, check with your doctor for advice. Your purchases help support the editorial content for HinesSightBlog. Shop Now for #BetterBeauty Products. 

Beautycounter sunscreen is safe for you and the oceans

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