A Shrimp and Pasta Recipe that your Whole Family will Love

A shrimp pasta dish that the entire family will love

Cooking for a family is always a challenge for moms. The problem is that with hectic schedules, you have very little time, and you have a lot of different palates at the dinner table. Will will eat most anything I place in front of him. Liza is a carnivore. And a seafood lover. She would do well on a paleo diet, but losing candy would kill her.

Jack, on the other hand, prefers his food in a restaurant.  There are only a few things that I make that get his thumbs up. He still loves my broccoli, tofu meal, and last week, I managed to make some darn good farmer's market butter beans that got his seal of approval. Other than that, he pretty much dislikes most items I place in front of him unless it is bacon, eggs, pancakes, steak, plain pasta, a stir-fry, tacos, or a Joey burger,

I got the following recipe a Hello Fresh kit when I was a regular customer a few years ago, and everyone loved it. I buy frozen shrimp a lot from Whole Foods/Amazon prime, so it makes it very easy to put this meal together in minutes.

Shrimp with Butterfly Pasta. Delicious.
A Hello Fresh Recipe

I think the panko crust on top of this dish made it even more delicious.

20 ounce
1 unit
2 clove
12 ounce
2 unit
Red Bell Pepper
0.5 ounce
0.5 cup
(ContainsWheat, Soy)
2 teaspoon
Italian Seasoning
2 tablespoon
Olive Oil*
4 tablespoon


Wash and dry all produce. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.

Zest lemon until you have 1 tsp zest, then cut into halves. Cut one half into wedges. Mince or grate garlic. Thinly slice basil leaves. Core, seed, and thinly slice bell peppers.

Toss bell peppers on a baking sheet with a large drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Roast in oven until lightly browned, about 15 minutes.

Melt 2 TBSP butter in a large pan over medium heat. Add panko and toast, stirring, until golden brown, 2-3 minutes. Remove from pan and set aside. Once water is boiling, add farfalle to the pot. Cook, occasionally stirring, until just al dente, about 9 minutes. Scoop out and reserve 1 cup pasta water, then drain.

While pasta cooks heat a large drizzle of olive oil in the same pan over medium-high heat. Rinse shrimp and pat dry with a paper towel. Season with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Add to pan and cook, tossing, until almost opaque, 1-2 minutes. Add garlic and cook, tossing, until fragrant, about 1 minute more.

Toss pasta and bell peppers into the pan with shrimp. Add lemon zest, 2 TBSP butter, half the basil, pasta water, and a squeeze of lemon. Bring to a boil and let bubble, occasionally stirring until a sauce has formed 3-4 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon (to taste).

Divide pasta between bowls. Sprinkle with panko and remaining basil. Top with a large drizzle of olive oil and serve with lemon wedges on the side for squeezing over.

One-Pot  shrimp

NC Lawmakers Consider a Brunch Bill that Would Benefit the Hospitality Industry #FreetheMimosa

Update: This bill was passed and signed into law by Governor Cooper. In N.C. as of July 1, 2017 you can have an alcoholic beverage with Sunday brunch beginning at 10 a.m. 

As I told you earlier this week, my family rarely goes to brunch unless I'm traveling. I went to brunch locally a few weeks ago on a Sunday in downtown Raleigh and ordered a bloody mary. I ordered that drink for a few reasons. Personally, I love the tomato-based, spicy cocktail. I rarely drink them so it was a treat for me. Also, mimosas and bloody marys are a traditional part of a brunch menu. I was at Pizza La Stella to help promote the restaurant's brunch menu for future visitors to N.C.  That's what I do. I market experiences.


I rarely drink an alcoholic beverage during the day. But, if I'm traveling then I escape the ordinary. My travel days become extraordinary and special. Had I arrived at brunch before noon that Sunday, I could not have ordered a mimosa or bloody mary due to ABC Beverage laws until 12:01 p.m. But, that could change if a new law is passed. The North Carolina Brunch Bill is a pending legislation that would empower local governments to allow restaurants to serve alcoholic drinks two hours earlier, at 10 a.m., on Sundays. HB 460, otherwise known as the Brunch Bill, would update North Carolina’s existing ABC laws to provide a high-demand service to the state’s residents and visitors.

Bloody Mary

North Carolina's hotel and restaurant caters to travelers. By allowing alcoholic beverages to be sold at 10 a.m on Sunday for brunch would increase revenue tremendously for this industry. 

Blue laws, banning certain things on Sunday for religious reasons, are quite controversial. And in some cases, it's not just alcohol that is banned. It's also pots and pans. Sometimes, cars. It varies from state to state. 

As a person who encourages visitors to our state, I am an advocate for the hotel and restaurant industry. I like options. If I am dining for brunch at 10 a.m, I may stick with coffee, but I like to be given the choice and freedom to order what I want especially if I am traveling or attending brunch for a special occasion. 

Jim Beley, the General Manager of the Five-Star Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, North Carolina offered some insight from the hotel industry. 

Exterior of Umstead Hotel and Spa

"I think our Sunday morning meal period volume would pick up significantly if we were permitted to start alcohol service at 10 a.m. instead of 12 noon. What I see as fair within the bill, is counties can opt-in to the Sunday service of alcohol if they choose to do so. I am a Christian man, who would not think of drinking any alcoholic drink or meal prior to my attending our Church services on Sunday morning. I think most feel the same as I do; if your intent is to attend and worship in Church, no drink will stop you."

Beley says that many of the guests of the Umstead are out of state visiting for a family occasion of a graduation, wedding, Easter or special day. He says these guests are often disappointed to hear that they cannot serve any alcohol until 12:01 pm. 

The wedding industry has the biggest impact on the restaurant's Sunday volume. He stated,  "most weddings are held on Saturday nights followed by a Sunday morning meal for the family. We are regularly asked why we cannot offer Bloody Marys or Champagne and orange juice with their Sunday meal; some respond with “that’s ridiculous.”

Exterior of Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge

The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte, N.C. also supports the NC Brunch Bill. "Our top priority is to deliver exceptional service to our guests, many of which visit us from out of state, and we want to meet their needs," stated Peter Grills, General Manager. "The ability to serve alcohol earlier on Sundays would provide more options for our guests, which is always a benefit."

The NC Brunch Bill will Free the Mimosa.

What's your opinion? To ‘Free the Mimosa’, stand behind the Brunch Bill by signing the petition at www.ncbrunchbill.com and spreading the word to reach NCRLA’s goal of 10,000 signatures. You can also join the conversation on social media by using #FreeTheMimosa.

Editorial Content. Not a paid ad. 

Sizzling Rooftop Pools in Nashville to Sleek Style in Charleston, SC

Summer certainly makes me want to travel. Most of you already have your trips planned out for this year, but it's nice to get some ideas for future stays. I'm excited to share with you that I' am an official affiliate partner with several Hotel brands directly and several hotel/travel booking agencies. You can book your hotel stay and travel adventures from this blog.These affiliate links take you directly to these websites where you are guaranteed the lowest rates. Travel affiliate marketing became a natural path for me in order to continue to bring editorial content on the blog. I started this blog six years ago with the topic of hotels being one of my strongest passion and interests. Frankly, it just makes me happy so this is a good fit for me.

I'm not a travel agent so I do not book hotels for you, but I can help answer your questions. I'm connected to travel bloggers all the world who live in these cities. I'm hoping to have some destination guest posts in the future.  My expertise will continue to be in North Carolina and with hotel brands. My @OutaboutNC community is over 12,000 strong.

My first offer is a one for future travel from my affiliate partner Hotels.com. This is a great one because you get a $100 rebate and have until the end of the year to book your vacation or getaway.

Hotels.com: Save big NOW on all hotel bookings with Up to a $100 Cash Back Rebate with code REBATES17! Book by 12/31/17, Travel by 1/31/18.

Celebrate the 4th and save 10% off select hotels with code SPARKLERS. Book by 7/4, travel by 9/30.

Nashville, Tennessee is a sizzling destination these days. Summer is no exception. If you love music then Music City USA may be the perfect family trip for you. The newly opened Westin in downtown Nashville has a rooftop pool with spectacular sky views.  Visit the Starwood website for the latest package and promotions.

Nashville skyline at Westin Hotel
Westin Nashville Rooftop Pool and Bar, L27.

Known for its beautiful architecture,  historic charm and extraordinary cuisine, Charleston, S.C. is ranked high as a favorite travel destination. Just in time for the summer season, the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel has a new sleek look. Designed by P3 Design Collective, the hotel boasts 162 home-inspired guest rooms, 4 luxurious suites, creative meetings and events space, an outdoor saltwater pool, an energizing fitness center, and a quintessentially Southern lobby.

New Lobby at Renaissance Hotel in Charleston
Photo courtesy of Isaac Maiselman

 The guestrooms look beautiful, and Renaissance Hotels always have a boutique feel and the wallpaper in the bathroom reflect this brand's eclectic nature.

New Guest Room at the Renaissance Hotel District Charleston
Photo courtesy of Isaac Maiselman

Unique wall paper at the Renaissance Charleston property.
Photo courtesy of Isaac Maiselman

We are thrilled to invite guests into the redesigned Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel to have them experience our fresh new look and feel,” said General Manager Brian Wander. “The new features, local art, and overall design speak so highly of our hotel’s emphasis on Southern hospitality and tradition while also fitting into the charming city around us. While we’ve updated a lot of the hotel through this redesign, this hotel is still rooted in history.”

In my opinion, the Marriot brand always takes it up a notch with its restaurants. 1KEPT is the hotel’s new restaurant and bar concept featuring a dining room, a full lounge and bar with hotel lobby access, plus a beer garden and front patio. The menu features New Southern flavors while incorporating sustainable seafood and hyper-locally sourced ingredients with highlights such as the Chicken Schnitzel & Herb Spätzle served with caramelized onion cream, braised red cabbage and kale and the Duck Confit served with sauce soubise, pickled shallots, asparagus salad and candied lemon zest. The bar’s Moscow Mule is cold brew-infused for a twist and the Summertime at the Farm combines tequila, fresh lemon juice, and cold pressed carrot juice for a refreshing new take on a classic Southern cocktail. 

1KEPT opened this month with breakfast service from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and lunch and dinner service from 11:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Bar closes at midnight.

Charleston and Nashville are both on my lists to visit in the future. Book these properties on our Book at Hotel page, or find a property that suits your travel needs and budget. 

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. 

#OutaboutNC: Pizza Pot Pie for Brunch in Raleigh, Oh My!

When you visit a city, it may be your tradition to have brunch before you head home. Raleigh has no shortage of places to brunch.  We are certainly a foodie city, and you can point yourself in about any direction and find a good place to eat.

Neapolitian Italian Restaurant Pizza La Stella

As a Raleigh local, I don't partake in brunch too often on the weekends unless I'm traveling. I blame it on being a parent. I'm sure there are other excuses as well such as not wanting to get out of my pajamas before noon. But, let's just say that when I brunch, it better be worth my getting dressed and out of the house. A delicious Bloody Mary needs to be involved, too.

Bloody Mary on the Brunch Menu at Pizza La  Stella in Raleigh

The Hines recently visited Pizza La Stella at their invitation on Fayetteville Street for brunch. This local, Neapolitan style Italian restaurant, under new management, recently partnered with NC company Smash Waffle to serve a weekend brunch.  After we visited, Smash Waffle announced it is also opening its own triangle location. I'm not sure if that move will change the partnership in the future for Pizza La Stella's brunch menu, but for now, it's a staple on this local Raleigh restaurant's menu.

We live less than ten minutes from the heart of downtown Raleigh and this restaurant. On the day I decided to do a rare family brunch, half the streets in downtown were closed for the Ironman Race. It took us almost 25 minutes to get where we needed to be. We had to park block and blocks from where we were going. That won't happen to you on an ordinary Raleigh day.  I had one child complaining that she had to walk too far to get where we were going.  I had another child asking why I made him change clothes.  And then there was Will who said absolutely nothing except I was not helping him find streets that were open to traffic.

Let's just say that a lot was riding on this brunch at Pizza La Stella, or I would be in the doghouse for getting my family out of the house before noon on one of the hardest days to travel to downtown Raleigh for a meal.

Long story short, Pizza La  Stella took me from the dog house to the title of the Queen of Brunch on this day. This face. That's what it looks like when a Campfire Smash Waffle is placed in front of her.

campfire smore smash waffle at Pizza La Stella

Jack ordered the Chip, Chip Hooray Smash Waffle.  The kids loved these waffles, but they could not finish them. They were adult portions and really sweet.

Love chocolate then you may love this Smash Waffle at Pizza La Stella

As for me, I ordered the Pizza Pot Pie which is a wood-fired skillet with a fried egg, roasted Brussel sprouts, roasted red pepper, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms in a garlic, confit cream. It was one of the best dishes I have tasted in a very long time. I cannot rave enough about this dish. I will go to brunch again there just for this entree. It is dish created by the restaurant's own culinary team.

Pizza Pot Pie for Brunch at Pizza La Stella

Will chose to order the calzone which is also served at night. He was impressed. It's not as puffy as other ones. He would get this again.

Calzone at Pizza La Stella is also the lunch and night menu

I will definitely add Pizza La Stella to my list of local favorites. I'll probably visit more at night, but I was quite impressed.

Oh, and those Bloody Marys? So good. I had two.  Pizza La Stella opened in December 2016 and replaced Bolt Bistro. The menu at Pizza La Stella is about wood-fired cuisine. Two large ovens, handmade in Italy, are the only warming devices in the kitchen to cook pizzas, wings, stromboli, calzones and even Brussels sprouts. In the pizza oven, pies will be cooked at about 1,000 degrees and ready in about 90 seconds. Everything else will get crispy in the other oven, which is set around 750 degrees.

My kids liked the Smash Waffles a lot, but I think the wood-fired specialties and breakfast pizzas are the true gems. That is why I will go back.  That Pizza Pot Pie was delicious. 

Pizza La Stella 
219 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC

Book your Hotel Stay in Raleigh. Brunch at Pizza La Stella in #downtown Raleigh

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Within Walking Distance
Raleigh Marriott City Center
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The new Residence Inn Raleigh Downtown by Marriott (Accepting Reservations for July 2017)
Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown
Hampton Inn and Suites in Glenwood South

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The Aloft on Hillsborough Street is 2.3 miles away.
Doubletree by Hilton Raleigh Brownstone
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Mayton Inn in Cary
Renaissance Hotel North Hills
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And many more places to stay in Raleigh and Wake County.

Disclosure: We were media guests of Pizza La Stella, opinions are my own and I do not classify myself as a brunch expert, but the Pizza Pot Pie....go for it.  If you book a hotel stay using my referral links, a small commission will be made. Thank you for booking through this blog and supporting editorial/media writing. 

The Ugly Truth on Beauty Products: Is your Cleanser Really Natural or Safe?

When you walk into Sephora, Ulta, a Department Store or even your local drugstore, a number of beauty products on the market is staggering. It's a billion dollar industry and there are some ugly truths behind this business. There are hardly any safety regulations in this industry. Something that says natural may also have a hidden manufactured fragrance. Natural doesn't always mean safe. And synthetic doesn't always mean harmful. This article is a good education piece as well as this piece on greenwashing and what five terms of beauty products really mean. 

Is your Cleanser Really Safe?

The truth is that the European Union has banned or partially restricted over 1,400 ingredients from personal care products. Canada? Less than 600. The United States? The answer is 30. Safety laws restrict just 30 ingredients known to cause health risks, cancer, and hormone disruptions.

A beauty cleanser is something you use daily.  Sometimes twice a day. There are thousands of cleansers on the market. Beauty blogs are always listing the best and many cleansers are never even repeated in lists. I use Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser (Retail Price: $26). It lasts about 90 days and equals to .28 cents a day.

Beautycounter Nourishing Cleanser: Safe and Effective

This list of "BEST" cleanser ranged from $8.99 to $52. My cleanser is the middle for price ranges.

Some of the drug store brands that people lean toward buying are CeraVe, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Clearasil,  Aveeno, and Simple Cleanser for as little as $2.99. They all look like simple and safe cleansers, but upon further investigation, you are putting your health at risk. There are lots of ingredients in the red zone.

Photo of CeraVe based on EWG Database: Not Safe

And more expensive does not mean it's safer either. Click the link to look at Kiehls, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, and Clinique ratings on the EWG.

Out of all the products I've mentioned in this post, Beautycounter has the safest rating. But, Beautycounter's mission is to educate consumers on making safer choices. The products are fantastic, but some people cannot afford it or even fathom paying more than $10 for a cleanser. This natural living blog has checked the EWG and has a list of other natural and safe cleansers based on the EWG ratings at some lower price points. Beautycounter is committed to changing safety regulations so that you can find safer products everywhere. I know my cleanser works and I love what it has done to my skin.  Prior to Beautycounter, I used some harsh dermatologist products. My skin did not look as good.

Beautycounter bans 1500 ingredients known to cause health risks. The Nourishing Cream Cleanser is made with coconut oil and aloe leaf extract. This lightweight daily cleanser is hydrating and soothing. Witch hazel gives the creamy formula skin-toning properties for a fresh, taut appearance.

Twice a week I use the Essential Nourishing Cream Exfoliator (Retail $34 and lasts an entire year). This gentle yet effective, exfoliating cleanser relies on non-abrasive jojoba beads instead of plastic to help slough off dry skin and sweep away impurities, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion.

At 48, my skin is the best it's been in a long time. I use Beautycounter

I also use essential oils and moisturizers on my face, but I don't want to go into that topic today. I want to keep it simple with cleansers. Everyone should be washing their face.  Everyone needs to have access to knowledge because knowledge can help you make better choices.

Beautycounter has a Band of Beauty Member Program where clients get free shipping, special perks, and 15 percent back on purchases in product credit. The yearly membership rate is $29. If you buy a one-year membership today and purchase $50 in product, you will also receive a free membership gift.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own in this piece. Income will be made if any Beautycounter is bought from this site. 


Broccoli salad is not necessarily a dish that I gravitate to on salad bars or at picnics. I don't dislike broccoli salad, but usually, the base is mayonnaise and a whole lot of sugar. When it comes to sugar, I would rather eat a piece of poundcake instead of eating it in a broccoli salad.

We recently hosted a family reunion, and I made broccoli salad for it. I know what you are thinking. It's odd that I would pick to make a dish that I rarely eat to make at a family reunion, but I had interviewed the owner of the North Carolina-based Little Black Dressing Company for a North Carolina product campaign and really became a fan of her dressings after trying them.

And you all may hate me right now if you do not live in North Carolina (because unless you order the dressing online you will not be able to replicate this recipe) because I firmly the believe that the Creamy Dreamy Vinegarette dressing is what makes this salad so delicious  Will thinks the cranberries and glazed walnuts help, too, but I know with 100 percent confidence that it is the dressing that is the star.  I also have to give credit to the talented high school student Lillian Knepp who won $500 for the development of this recipe at the Dixie Classic Fair in North Carolina's Triad area.

Broccoli Salad Recipe Using Creamy Dreamy  Vinegarette


  • 4cupsbroccoli florets
  • 3/4cupdried cranberries
  • 3/4 cup   chopped walnuts
  • 3/4 cupColby Jack cheese
  • 1/2cupshredded carrot for garnish
  • 1cupDreamy Creamy Vinaigrette

  1. Cut fresh broccoli off stem and into small florets. In a large mixing bowl, mix broccoli, dressing, cranberries, cheese, and walnuts. Pour into serving bowl and garnish with shredded carrots or extra cheese.

Note: I used glazed walnuts

Creamy Dreamy Vinegarette can be found in North Carolina specialty stores, Lowes Foods, and Fresh Market.  It is always in the refrigerated section near the produce. 

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