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Welcome to this blog. I’m Leigh Powell Hines, based in Raleigh, N.C. As a former TV reporter and Communications Executive, I started the HinesSightBlog as a creative outlet/portfolio when I decided to trade in my briefcase for a diaper bag full-time when my second child was one in 2011. As someone who had to write about news for a living, I wanted my personal blog to center around topics that were never handed to me when I was in a TV newsroom.

Now that I am in my eleventh year as a blogger, my site has evolved to cover many topics, but I like to stick to my core roots: Travel, Hotels, Food, and Life, all with my own Southern Spin. I believe a hotel is just as important as the destination itself when one travels and culinary adventures are in the center of it all. I adore afternoon tea and am in love with all things British. I am a cheer mom, too.

Since leaving the office and the TV newsroom, I’ve written freelance for Forbes Magazine, Starwood, Travel sites, Visit Raleigh, and other publications. Now, I focus on my own sites as a content marketer.

Through my #OutaboutNC community on social media (we are currently over 25,000 strong), I promote travel and tourism in North Carolina. North Carolina is in the top 10 as one of the most popular states to visit. I firmly believe that locals know a destination better than anyone.

I turned fifty at the end of 2018. I'm about to take my 53rd trip around the sun. I am hoping to inspire others that age is just a number, and as we age, we just become better versions of our younger selves.

All content on the HinesSightBlog and OutaboutNC is managed and written or edited by me.

I feel blessed to have my community here and I thank you for being part of it.

My two children are now 16 and12. I used to write about them more when they were younger. Those moments will always be a special part of my portfolio. Will and I have been married for twenty years in 2022. We have a one-year-old toy poodle named Ollie. Our beloved senior poodle, Andy, who is now in our archives passed away in 2020.

Like your household, mine is busy. I try to concentrate on good, healthy recipes for my family. I'm also a sport-traveling mom now exploring the Southeast so when I travel on those trips, I perceive them differently than I do as a vacation. I'm always on the search for value, local meals, and safe traveling.

I am also a cheer mom, and travel the states with Cheer Extreme Raleigh. My daughter is going on her third year as a flyer for CEA's lower-level teams.

Our rescue senior dog, Andy. He loved to be photographed. 

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