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Epicure is a brand I discovered in the fall of 2020.  It helps busy families create non-processed healthy meals from raw to ready with its time-saving cookware and meal solutions.  Join my Facebook community for recipes and fun meal ideas. 

The silicone multi-purpose steamer is a favorite product of mine.  I believe that everyone needs one in their kitchen.   Read this article about why I love this product so much. 

All of Epicure's products are gluten-free, non-processed, and low in sodium and added sugars. 

Let me introduce Epicure to your family. I can educate you about products, my favorite seasonings and so much more. 

I added Epicure to my blog as an affiliate by purchasing the $99 value-kit.  It is available to anyone even without a blog.  I have sold to others who just wanted a little more bang for their buck to try Epicure, and since the value kit includes your own personal Epicure website,  you would buy your own products from your own link instead of mine and get a discount. This means you could share with friends and family or on your social media communities. It's that simple.  I use Epicure like my own personal grocery store and use it for meal planning.  It has reduced my grocery budget because the seasonings have so many servings per jar.  

However, to keep your own personal website, one must meet the sales qualification within three months for it to remain active.  You do receive 25% when you use your own link. It works great for people who want to represent Epicure or to have it as a website affiliate like Amazon, reward style, or any other ad company.  Contact me for more information. 

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