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Beautycounter, the leading clean beauty since 2013, has worked at its core mission to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone by changing beauty regulations and selling its inventory online, in person in Beautycounter branded stores, the retail chain Ulta, and in your communities through Brand Advocates.

Beautycounter Gift Set of Three Bestselling Creams

I've been a fan of the beauty brand since 2016,  when I tried my very first product, a luxurious eye cream using plant-based ingredients. Since then, that same eye cream that I continue to use and endorse has been reformulated, improved, and repackaged to rival top brands made in France that give the same anti-aging benefits as retinol but without some of the nagging side effects. You can buy the Countertime 

Ultra Renewal Eye Cream at Ulta if you like to see and feel textures before buying or if you need it 

ASAP.  I get it. My daughter loves to shop at both Ulta and Sephora, and because of that I've branched out through the years with products simply because they caught my eye in the store. 

No doubt, it's the season for holiday sales. I have a great opportunity for you to SAVE big time when you stock up on your own staples, and don't miss the already value-priced Gift Sets when you buy products through my brand advocate link on the blog. Beautycounter's holiday are packaged so they can go right in a gift bag, or just put a cute ribbon around the package. When you shop my link, I reward you with future free products through rewards. 

Beautcounter Mascara and Lip Gift Set

This is how you SAVE on Beautycounter. 
      1. For All product orders over $50, you will receive $7 in reward dollars. (That's the cost of your shipping back toward free full-size products.

      2. For All product orders over $150, you will receive an additional  $5 in reward dollars per each additional $100. That means if you order $250 in products, you will receive $10 in rewards plus the $7 for the first tier of rewards. 

      3. All Beautycounter products purchased under $50 will receive $3 in reward dollars. 

The following are some of my favorite products you will not be able to find in Ulta.

Beautycounter Lip Jellies Gift Set

  • Lashes & Lips Duo - - This gift contains a mini mascara and transforming lipstick (sheer lipstick that appears as a shade of sheer pink unique to your lips - think mood ring for your lips. 

  • Polish & Plump Facial Trio - This gift set contains Mighty Plump + Cleansing Balm + AHA Mask. This is the perfect trio for winter skincare, and it's seriously a steal for 3 of the best products Beautycounter makes.  I adore the Mighty Plump cream and use it as my daily moisturizer.  It's also not available in Ulta stores. 

  • Main Squeeze Lip Jellies -This is Beautycounter's top-selling gift this holiday season. Break them up and add a Starbucks GC for your girlfriends, or give this gift as it is.  They are the perfect stocking stuffers.  

  • Mini Beyond Gloss ($68 value)  I never really liked lip gloss until I tried Beautycounter's brand. It's not sticky, and at the same time, it moisturizes with the perfect shine.  I love this size for my purse. This set comes in four new shades. 

  • Goodnight and Glow Duo ($87 value). I will never stop buying the overnight resurfacing peel; now they make one for the body. This duo will wow; it's like a face-lift in a bottle. 

Do yourself a favor, and buy my favorite lip balm for yourself.  I promise you will love it. 

I also support Beautycounter's mission to spread awareness about learning what ingredients you put on your skin. Beautycounter is not an inexpensive brand, but a little bit of product goes a long way. These are some tips on saving money and getting the most out of your cosmetic and skincare budget. 

Here are a few tips to save money while purchasing Beautycounter's holiday gift sets:

1. Watch out for promotions: Beautycounter often runs special promotions during the holiday season. They may offer discounts, free shipping, or even gift-with-purchase deals. When you shop through me, you get this special access.

2. Beautycounter's gift sets are a fantastic way to get multiple products at a lower price compared to buying them individually. Look for sets that include your desired products and compare the cost savings to buying each item separately.

3. Take advantage of limited edition sets: Beautycounter releases limited-edition holiday sets annually. These sets are often priced lower than the combined cost of individual products. Grabbing these sets can be an excellent way to save money while trying out new products or stocking up on your favorites.

4. If you have friends or family members who also love Beautycounter, consider splitting the cost of a gift set. This way, you can enjoy the savings together while gifting each other something special.

5. Plan ahead and budget: Set a budget for your holiday shopping, including the amount you plan to spend on Beautycounter products. By planning ahead, you can allocate your funds wisely and avoid overspending. I also help you save by giving you reward dollars back. You can also pay using the Klarna app, which divides up your purchases into smaller amounts without interest. It's a game-changer.


Leigh Powell Hines is a Brand Advocate with Beautycounter and has been affiliated with the brand since 2016. If you would like to host your online pop-up or fundraiser, please fill out this contact form.   Leigh gives back up to 30 percent of all sales for group fundraising. 

Get the inside scoop on saving big on Beautycounter's clean beauty products this holiday season. Discover top-rated items that you won't find at Ulta and learn how to leverage exclusive brand advocate rewards for maximum savings.

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