Easy Peppermint Bark to please the Gourmet

The holidays are here.  It's now Christmas Eve, and I'm sure you are busy celebrating with your family and are NOT reading blogs.  I hope that you know that even though I may not know you personally, I feel as if you are family to me.

Today, I give you the gift of making very easy peppermint bark for the New Year since you probably won't have time to do this until next week. I'm sure there will be a sale on candy canes about right now. Don't you think?

Peppermint Bark for the New Year

easy peppermint bark that will please the gourmet. Great holiday gift idea.

2 large Lindt White Chocolate Bars
2 large Lindt Milk or Dark Chocolate  ( I mixed my chocolates for a unique twist)
25 small candy canes broken

Melt white chocolate in double boiler. I mix in a little butter to help smooth the chocolate. Scoop melted white chocolate onto parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet. Melt dark chocolate in a double broiler. I add a tablespoon of butter for richness and to help the chocolate soften. Spread dark chocolate mixture on top of white chocolate. Mash candy canes. My kids loved doing this, and then sprinkle on top of the chocolate and press some into the chocolate. Freeze for 30 minutes to an hour. Break into squares. Or let soften and cut squares neatly.

From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Talk to you after Christmas! I'll be celebrating my birthday and Jack's birthday after Christmas so not sure when I'll get back to this space, but it will be before the new year.

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