Southern Chat: 3 Unstoppable Holiday Tips

Today's chat is part of my participation in a blog campaign for The Motherhood on behalf of the makers of Children’s MOTRIN®. I received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own and are my own tips I have developed for myself to stay sane during the holidays. 

Unstoppable Holiday Tips, Stress-Free Holiday

Now that Halloween is over, we can officially begin the busiest time of the year. I love November and December, but it is whirlwind busy. From November to the new year, my family has three birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in a short time-span of eight weeks. 

Liza's birthday is first. Jack and I have birthdays at the end of the year. For Liza's milestone birthday, I'm planning a Frozen-themed party for her 5th birthday. If you remember last year, we had a s'mores party for her. We're still doing backyard s'mores at our home because it's a favorite activity of hers, but to change things up we're adding preschool friends, crafts, and an appearance by Elsa. I'm working with Fairy Tale Dreamer to make that appearance happen. I'm also traveling with her on her actual birthday weekend and those plans are still in the works so I'll update you on that when everything gets finalized. 

Frozen-Themed Birthday Party
Let it Go during the holidays. Learn to say no, plan a holiday outing, and make time for yourself. 

How do I stay unstoppable during my busiest two months of year? It's quite simple. I have three tips that I do every year, and since I've implemented them into my schedule, it's worked well for me. 

It's OK to Say No, and Stay Home and Eat Chocolate. Tips for a  less-stressful holiday

1. I've Learned to Say NO!

This is the hardest tip to practice, but once you learn to do this tip then it really helps you be unstoppable. I've finally realized that I cannot do it all, and it's OK to say no and not do it all. It's taken me a long time to get to this point in my life, but now that I am finally here, it's helped me tremendously. There are tons of fun events that take place during the holidays, but you just cannot be everywhere and you cannot do everything. It's simply impossible. Pick what is most important to you, and plan from there. This tip can also help you stay on budget during the holidays. You are going to be asked to give in many places, but pick the charities that are closest to your heart, and it is OK to say no to some of the others. You only have so much money and time to give. You don't actually have to stay home and eat chocolate, but give yourself permission to take a break. If you have a busy week then say no to that weeknight holiday gathering and instead, stay home to recharge for the next day. 

Enjoy a holiday outing, 3 Unstoppable Holiday Tips from Hines-Sight Blog

2. Plan a Fun Holiday Outing

This is probably my favorite tip of all, but take time for your family before the holidays. This is a very special time of year. Yes, it's truly one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially through a child's eyes. I personally like to plan a holiday getaway close to home. We experienced the holidays in Charlotte a few years ago, and it was really great to get away, and forget about the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring to your to-do list. We spent time as a family soaking up a new area's holiday magic. Honestly, I would like to make a pre-holiday trip an annual tradition, but it does get hard to schedule sometimes.  Even if you can't get away for a weekend then do something special like a holiday tea, an afternoon of ice skating, or a special holiday production.

Make time for yourself...sip some chocolate mocha. Tips for making time for yourself.

3. Make Time for Yourself 

This tip may be the hardest for a lot of women to do because it seems selfish to take time for yourself when you have so much to do. Do it and I promise you that it will help you tackle your to-do list much better. This tip can really be something simple. While shopping, take some time to sip a chocolate mocha or coffee.  Sitting for an extra 30 minutes and relaxing with a good coffee, drink, or hot chocolate is not going to kill your schedule. Schedule lunch with a girlfriend or schedule a few hours at your local spa alone. I love Fearrington Village, locally and it's also a shopping village so I can mark a few items off my holiday list, too.  Making time for yourself can bee as simple as polish change, but the time it takes to sit and relax will do work wonders for the busy mind.

It's your turn. What are some of your tips for being unstoppable during the holidays? I've enjoyed learning some unstoppable tips from the makers of Children's Motrin. Each week on Facebook, they are asking moms like us to share our best tips on a wide range of topics ranging from meal planning, children's activities, household and even "me" time. I may have some good tips for that so stay tuned.  Tips will be shared through December 1.  Your tips will also help a great cause. Also, by giving your own tips, you have the opportunity to win a $100 TARGET gift card to use any way you would like. Here's what you need to know.

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Disclosure: Today's Southern chat conversation is a sponsored post. The tips are my own. My thanks to the Motherhood for chosing to work with me on this unstoppable mom campaign. Join us for a Twitter party on Dec. 4 at 1 p.m. EST to discuss more tips

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