Do You Like To Look at Homes for Sale and Eat in Restaurants? Catch the Raleigh Area YouTube Show The House Stalkers

I have a new passion project for my fifties. Apparently, I do something new to help me cope with aging every decade. In my thirties, it was getting married and starting a family. In my forties, I started this blog. Now, I'm excited to say I'm vlogging and back on the small screen (where I feel most at home) with a YouTube Show, called The House Stalkers. This show is done in conjunction with  Raleigh realtor, Heather Petrovich, who is my witty co-host.

House Stalkers Host on Scene Shooting You Tube  Show

In the House Stalkers show, which is housed on my Leigh Powell Hines Channel, Heather and I stalk homes and visit local restaurants for lunch. You get a front-row seat on this house hunting journey and are invited to go along with us on the ride. The two of us have been friends for years and met when our children were toddlers. When Heather went back to work as a realtor, I messaged her and told her I was in the market for a home. You see, I was in the market for a home, but my husband was not in the market. She stalked homes with me for five years until we got my husband ready. Yes, you read that right. FIVE YEARS! The woman is a saint. Most people would have written me off as a nut who wasted their time.  During our house stalking period, we would look at homes about once a month and eat lunch. She finally sold me my dream home in downtown Raleigh a few years ago.  When I told her my YouTube show idea last year, she said a colorful word and declared she wanted to be the realtor who stalked homes with me. Now in 2019, we are stalking homes together again.  You can catch our first episode below. 

In our first episode, we visited the model home in the Olde Mill Trace neighborhood in Raleigh with new home builder, Stanley Martin Homes. This neighborhood is about ten minutes from downtown Raleigh. This lovely home design, called The Morgan II, is built in a community with larger lots than what is usually found in the city. The model home price for this Morgan II design starts around $550,000 for The entire Olde Mill Trace neighborhood currently has homes for sale from around $478,000 to $862,615.

The House Stalkers show has been in the works for over a year. We are concentrating on new construction in the Raleigh area currently so we can share new home trends.  As we move throughout the city, it will also give you an idea of price points in the Raleigh area. I think everyone is curious to see the types of homes on the market, and to realistically guess if the house we show is in their housing budget.

Inside a model home on The House  Stalkers

No doubt, I truly believe that North Carolina is a great place to live, and I think this show, and on our social media, you will get to see the charm of North Carolina's southern homes. I've been doing social media many months leading up to our show, and I think people are surprised at the cost of homes, especially around the area of downtown Raleigh.

As the founder of the OutaboutNC community on Instagram, I also wanted to tie in the local neighborhood flavor with this show. If I were in the market for a home in Raleigh,  I would want to know what restaurants are around where I plan to live.  In this Model Home episode, I take Heather to the locally-owned Manhattan Cafe on Wilmington Street in Downtown Raleigh.

fruit and turkey sandwich at Manhattan Cafe in  Raleigh, NC
Manhattan Cafe

This little family-owned restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. It's been a popular spot for downtown Raleigh workers since its opening in 2009 and has one of the largest salad bars in town.

This show is not about selling homes. By the time, our show may air, the homes we feature may already be sold, but rather, the show is about what life in Raleigh is like, and what type of home budget you need to have to live in certain areas of the county.

Heather and I have known each other for years, and I'm so glad she is helping me make this show a reality. I think she has as much fun as I do on our shoots.

The House Stalkers is on YouTube on Leigh Powell Hines Channel

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