Holiday Houses in North Carolina

Throughout December, I snapped photos of houses for my Instagram feed. It was a lot of fun, and I think people liked it.  I may have started a Hines-Sight Blog tradition.Which house is your favorite?

And I would like to thank the Hines-Sight Blog Facebook community for submitting some homes for my blog. Mandi McClure submitted this beautiful home from Lincolnton, NC 

Beanne Steins, a photographer in Mebane, NC, submitted this photo of her own home. The bungalow is 100-years-old, and is just beautiful in the snow.  North Carolina did not see a white Christmas this year, but maybe we'll see some snow in 2013. Happy New Year!


  1. That last house is like something out of my dreams. Just gorgeous. I loved seeing all the houses in your Instagram feed.

  2. All the homes are so beautiful, but I do love the 5th one. It's so cute and charming. Something out of a fairy tale.

  3. Wow its an superb Holiday Homes!
    I recommend all who are going to spent their holidays in Carolina then its better choice from hotels, They are more convenient for you as compared to hotels and also holiday homes are very cheap than staying in hotels and looks like an spanish villas.
    Thanks for sharing.


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