A Few of My Loves at My Favorite Inns

As 2012 draws to a close, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on my travels this year and give you the lowdown on what I really loved at each property I visited.  I had a fabulous time featuring so many different hotels on the Hines-Sight Blog and Skimbaco Lifestyle.  All these hotels are so different that there is no way to compare the properties and say that one was the absolute best.

Each hotel I visited this year was unique, and each property has its own special story to tell. I loved something about every visit.  Some hotels are better suited for romantic getaways, and others are perfect for families. The six properties I visited this year all have different price points, and the experience at each one was vastly different.  What stood out at each property?  Here are some of my loves from my “Pack Your Bags” features.

The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, Charlotte, North Carolina

I loved the Southern, elegant décor with verandas overlooking a championship golf course and resort pool. The rooms had the same traditional lux feel.
I loved the Spa experience. It is a gorgeous facility and ranks as an all-time best experience.
I loved the coconut cake in the Gallery Restaurant, and it was probably the best I’ve had anywhere in a long time.
I loved the original artwork throughout the hotel.

The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, North Carolina

I loved the décor in our cabin. I felt as if I was staying in a place that could grace the cover of a magazine.
I loved the coffee served in our cabin. It’s some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It also was a plus that I could drink it on the porch overlooking the mountains.
I loved that it had little extras like children’s books and games in the cabin.
I loved the Southern cheese grits the next morning.

The King’s Daughters Inn, Durham, North Carolina

I loved that it felt as if I was staying in a private mansion.
I loved the individual and outstanding décor of every room.
I loved the chocolate chip waffles, scones, and other delicious goodies at breakfast.
I loved the black towel in the bathroom that said “make-up.” It’s brilliant.
The Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia

I loved the grand Tudor architecture of this hotel.
I loved the chocolate chip cookies at check-in.
I loved the formal breakfast in this hotel and dessert on the veranda. Food definitely gets an A during our stay.
I loved the location of this hotel. It is in the heart of Roanoke.

The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs Virginia

I loved the Southern character of this hotel. You truly felt as if you were transported to a genteel time in the South. 
I loved the fire pit at this hotel. It’s a great place for families to gather and get to know each other while vacationing.
I loved that we had the same housekeeper daily, and we got to know her while there. We also got to know staff in the restaurants, too. 
I loved the resort pool at the Homestead.  It is fantastic.
I loved that my son got to ride a horse and learn archery. I love that my children still speak fondly of Zip the horse. I truly loved our time at the Homestead. It was a grand family vacation, and it has really sold me on the resort concept for a vacation.

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, North Carolina

OK, I’ve not yet published my “Pack Your Bags” yet for this property on the blog, but there is very little not to love about a Ritz-Carlton.  I’m going to save my loves for the upcoming feature in January, but I’ll give you a small hint with these words: chocolate, turn-down service, a granite bathroom,complimentary bottled water, and an indoor pool.  True loves!

Trust me, you would be happy to check in at any of these properties.  Here’s to more traveling in 2013.

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