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I'm having a little fun this week in my house. It's Saks Fall 2013 Beauty Week.  Raleigh is home to the only Saks Fifth Avenue in North Carolina, and I struck the beauty product lottery this week. Saks gave me all of these fabulous products to try at my leisure.

Saks Beauty Tote

Yep, all these great items. In my home. Right now. Pinch me. This tote, filled with samples from Tom Ford, Chanel, Sisley, Bobbi Brown, Bond No. 9, Kiehls and much more, is available to Saks customers with a $100 purchase as long as supplies last through October 6.  It is available online as well.

I am always buying makeup and skincare as needed, but I rarely buy fragrances. I guess that is more of a splurge in my life right now as opposed to a necessity.  Hair appointments to cover my gray hair, which seems to be sprouting all over my head these days, cosmetics, and skincare essentials are priorities for me in my overall budget, but fragrances are not.

When I opened my tote, I went right to the fragrances because it felt like a splurge item. I'm taking it slow, and have tested these two fragrances.

 Tom Ford Violet Blonde versus Bond No. 9 New York

Perfumes react differently on everyone. So what may not work for me may be great for you. I also do not have a strong sense of smell, and I tend to like a lighter scent. My Mom and 3-year-old daughter, on the other hand, can smell something three houses away. My daughter makes me eat greek yogurt in another room. Her smell is that keen.

Based on sampling these two perfumes by wearing each one daily, I would buy Tom Ford Violet Blonde.  I really like this perfume. I had never sampled a Tom Ford scent before this week. It's light. It's not overpowering, and that is important to me.

Bond No. 9 did not work for me at all. It's just not my scent. Again, perfumes react differently on everyone, but this one overpowered my nose, and remember, I can't smell well at all.  Bond No. 9 has many other scents, and I still have two other ones left to try in my sample tote.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Wins My Scent Battle

In my opinion, outrageously expensive is not always better. Tom Ford wins the scent battle for me.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde is priced at $110 compared to Bond No. 9 New York at $240 for the same 1.7 ounce size.  That's a HUGE difference in price.

My 3-year-old daughter did not like Bond No. 9 New York at all. Tom Ford was just mediocre to her, but she was OK with it. I could stay in the same room. Honestly, she likes my $10 small bottle of Paul Mitchell hair spray. Maybe that smells more like mommy on a daily basis. I'll keep wearing Tom Ford, and if she doesn't complain then I say it's a keeper.

Bond No. 9 has a new scent, Perfumista Avenue. This scent will be the guest of honor for a Happy Hour event in the Raleigh Saks on October 3. This perfume was not in the tote to sample. It's even more expensive at $260 per 1.7 ounce.

Are you a Bond girl or a Tom Ford girl?

Beauty Week is in full swing at Saks in Raleigh. On October 4-5, learn how to master the latest 2013 Fall trends.

I'll keep you posted on some of the other scents in the beauty box, and I'll let you know if Tom Ford stays on top.

Photos courtesy of Chana Lynn of  Raleigh What's Up, and  Saks. I was not able to make the blogging event in person due to a conflict in schedule.  And that's probably a good thing because they took bloggers into a secret purse closet at Saks where I could afford nothing.  I might have hyperventilated because I love a designer purse. I still have my first Gucci purse from 1980. 

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