Mandarin Oriental Hotels Prove on Instagram that a Hotel Room is More than JUST a Place to Sleep

If someone says to me, "our hotel room didn't really matter because it's just a place to sleep," I cringe. It's as if I'm hearing fingernails screeching on a blackboard. I know I may be on the extreme side of things because my luxury hotel obsession is the foundation for this blog.

But, I strongly believe that a hotel is not just a place to sleep. I believe it's an integral part of one's travel journey. I feel as if this Instagram photo from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group proves my point. The photo was captioned: Traditional or Contemporary? #Design

I love hotels because they embody charm, character, pizazz and personality. Here are two beautiful hotel rooms from the exact same hotel chain, but each one is quite different in style. The top is from the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. The bottom photo is from the Mandarin Oriental Paris.

While the styles are different, both make me swoon. I started following the Mo_Hotels account on Instagram this week. I'm already smitten with the account after a few short days. This is the Mandarin Oriental in Washington D.C.

I've not personally stayed in a Mandarin Oriental Hotel yet for any of my travels, but it is a hotel chain that has certainly peaked my interest. With a property in Bermuda, properties on the East and West coasts as well as Europe then maybe the Skimbaco Travel/IGTravelThursday team can get to one in the near future.

In just one week, the Instagram account is making me fall in love. What's not to love about tea and cookies? They must have known that would win me over.

Have you stayed in a Mandarin Oriental property? If so, what is your favorite one?

I'm traveling next week so I may be arriving a little late to the #IGTRAVELThursday party.

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