Southern Chat: TASTE the Event plus Sweet Baby Birds at the Hines

Durham and Chapel Hill are about to put the spotlight on its culinary scene. This Thursday, I cannot wait to attend The Grand TASTE Experience at DPAC in Durham, N.C. It's going to be three solid hours of sipping & savoring samples of chef offerings, pastries & sweets, wines, local craft beers, spirits & coffee.  A lot of my favorite chefs and brewers will be there plus I look forward to discovering new favorites, too. Also, part of the proceeds from from ticket sales will be donated to the Durham Branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina (Food Bank).

TASTE the Event in Durham and Chapel Hill

TASTE the Event is a five-day foodie celebration sponsored by Durham Magazine and Chapel Hill Magazine. There will be lots of special dinners, and fun for the entire family from April 23-April 27. 

Tickets are still available for the Grand TASTE experience. HineSight Blog readers can use the code: TASTESponsor10 for a 10 percent discount when purchasing tickets

Tickets are limited to the other scheduled events, but when I checked in with organizers they did tell me that tickets are definitely available for the Grand TASTE Experience, the Drinks and Desserts Reception at Piedmont, and the Gospel Brunch on Sunday at the Carolina Inn. 

If you go to the Grand TASTE experience, be sure to tweet me @hinessightblog and perhaps I can pop over to say hello. You're likely to find me at the TOPO Distillery booth. Esteban McMahan knows how to make some good cocktails. 

And finally, I want to leave you with a little photo I captured from my foyer steps. We have baby birds. I've not been able to view them yet, but I saw daddy bird feed them this morning. The mama bird gets a little nervous when we move around in our foyer area. That's her guarding the nest as soon as she heard me. 

Baby Birds

Have a blessed Easter! 

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