Pesaro, Italy: An 18th Century Murano Glass Mirror Selfie and More

It's #IGTRAVELThursday, and I'm continuing to document some of the highlights of my Italian journey.

Pesaro, Italy in #Marche Region

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We spent several hours in Pesaro, Italy during my Marche press trip in October. 

Musei Civici in Pesaro, Italy

Pesaro is a lovely coastal city with about 90,000 residents and it is the second largest city in the Marche region. On this particular Sunday, the market was bustling with people. The city is the birthplace of composer,Gioachino Rossini, and hosts the Rossini Opera Festival every summer.

Rossini birthplace in Pesaro, Italy

While touring the capital city of the Pesaro en Urbino province in Marche, we stopped to visit Musei Civici, following a private tour of the President's Office. Musei Civici had a small area where you could have complimentary espresso in these locally made ceramic cups.

Pesaro Italy ceramics

To me, this was an #ilikemarche moment. This is something that is just not replicated in America. Sure, we have cafés in museums, but they certainly don't offer the charm of the coffee being served complimentary in handmade mugs. This will be a longtime memory for me because I had taken a motion sickness pill for the curvy roads and needed this coffee badly.

espresso in Pesaro, Italy

After fueling my body with an espresso, I was ready to see Musei Civici, which is a city art museum known for its ceramics and priceless works of art. Many of the pieces were collected by an Italian aristocratic family. For us, they allowed photos. 

What did I do?  I did what any modern journalist with a cell phone would do. 

Travel writer Leigh Hines taking a selfie in 18th Century Murano Glass Mirror

I could not resist. I put on Instagram, "We just HAD to do it. An extraordinary selfie in a Murano glass mirror from the 18th century in Pesaro."

I highly recommend a visit to Pesaro. I was there in the off-season, but it's not an area swarming with tourists. 

We had a traditional lunch in a market where the entree was a fish stew, locally known as brodetto. Since I'm more of a pasta lover than a seafood lover, I didn't love this dish because it basically had all of "The Little Mermaid's" friends in it. 

Pesaro regional cuisine called brodetto

However, I certainly appreciated the labor of love it took to create this regional cuisine. Look at the size of that pan! Do they judge chefs in Italy by the size of their pans. Hmmm!

Brodetto pan in Pesro, Italy

I very much enjoyed the gelato we found on the walk to city's coastline. 

Italian gelato in Pesaro, Italy

The villas in the area were colorful and grand. 

Colorful Italian Villa in Pesaro, Italy

The coastline was inviting for families. 

Amusement for families in Pesaro, Italy

And this famous bronze sphere by Italian sculptor, Arnaldo Pomodoro catches everyone's eye. 

Pesaro, Italy

To begin to plan your trip to the Marche region,start by visiting the Discover Marche website. The Le Marche region is diverse, and I have it linked to the area I traveled on this press visit. We left Pesaro, toured Fano, then spent our last evening in Senigallia. I'll have more on Fano and Senigallia in the future. 

And on a hotel sidenote: I did not have time to visit this hotel, but I spotted Grand Hotel Vittoria  while I walked around the coastline. It is a five-star, historic property. Reviews are great, and it looked charming from the outside. 

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Disclosure: My trip to Italy was sponsored by TBDItaly. I'm so glad I was selected to participate  in this conference and press tour because had I planned my own agenda to Italy on vacation, I'm not sure I would have included the Marche area because I was not familiar with it. As always, opinions are my own. 

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