Great Road Trip Read for Kids: National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016 (Giveaway)

I've been fortunate because Will has been a very hands-on parent for bedtime routines unless he is working late. I read to my son one night and he reads to our daughter. The next night, we switch kids. Of course, my 9-year-old can read to himself, but he still likes that time with a parent.  He and I are now reading 6th Harry Potter book, but recently, we switched things up and began reading the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2016. 

National Geographic Kids Almanac

This is a fun read and I think every elementary school-aged child needs to add it to their summer reading list. NG Kids Almanac 2016 is bursting with information about the culture, history, animal life, geography, wackiest weather and weird but true facts (coolest coasters, wildest hotels!) from every corner of the globe.  In addition to an entire section that provides an overview of all 195 countries and another section containing info on our 50 states, the almanac also features "You Are There" vignettes, making the reader feel like they are on the Singapore Flyer (one of the world's highest observation wheels), spotting wild orangutans in Borneo or visiting the Mayan ruins of Copan in Honduras.  Quite simply, the NG Kids Almanac is a terrific introduction to not only the exotic lands far from home, but also exciting locations just a car ride away.  

We've had a lot of fun reading it, and let me tell you....I feel so much smarter. If I ever go to a cocktail party, I'll have lots of opening lines.  Let me just educate you. 

**Hey, have you been to Bermuda or the Bahamas lately? You're basically standing on ancient coral reefs. 

**Like honey in your tea? Did you  know that a single honeybee colony can produce 200 pounds of honey each year.? That is 91kg. 

**We are so lucky to have the Great Smoky Mountains in N.C. Did you know that  it is the most visited park in the U.S.? 

**Got some time on your hands?  The horologists at Buckingham Palace in London deal in time daily. There are two on staff and their job is to wind more than 350 clocks and keep them ticking. 

I think the NG Kids Almanac 2016 will be great for road trips to keep kids entertained in the car. The entire book is 337 pages, and each time you open it, you discover new facts. 

I'm giving away one copy to a lucky reader. Enter below. Want this book now?  You can order the book off of Amazon immediately. 

Learning can be so much fun. 

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*I received a complimentary copy of the book to review. 

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