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Lately, I'm the queen of personal notes on this blog. I've got a lot of irons in the fire and little time to get it all written and posted. Skimbaco Lifestyle, where I'm a team member, has opened its own Skimbaco store, and this is one of the items  Katja Presnal has curated. Katja has great taste, and her European style is fabulous. I love this saying because I honestly believe it. I will be personally selecting my own items as well this summer for the HinesSight  Blog collection, and I look forward to sharing them with you at a later date.

I am currently working on an #OutaboutNC Yadkin Valley Wine Region guide. I took a trip to Surry County last month with a friend, and boy, I fell in love with the area. The entire area is an untapped jewel in N.C. I'm 46 years old and had never visited. My friend had never visited either and we are chomping at the bit to go back. It was great. I can't wait to share all the details with you. I posted this video on Instagram this week. Everyone is already talking about how I brought out my old "broadcast voice."
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I drank two bottles of the Elkin Creek Vineyard Chardonnay (not at one time though) and it's only available for sale at the winery. I already miss it. I also really like Shelton Vineyard's Bin 17 Chardonnay. It can be found at Harris Teeter so I plan to take that to Topsail Beach this week so I can tell Will's family about how wonderful N.C wines are to drink.

I am not a wine expert, but the soil in this area rivals France, Washington, Oregon, and California so N.C. can produce some wines that compete with some of the best wine regions. In fact, the Umstead Hotel and Spa Sommelier Han Tran is hosting a wine class on June 25 where he will feature N.C. and Virginia wines. One of the wineries that he knows he will be featuring is Jones Van Drehle, which is a winery I visited and loved. I have a bottle of their Tempranillo that I've not yet opened. I am really proud of our N.C. wines and excited to see them receive recognition by luxury hotels that are known to feature the best.

In other news, I'm excited to report that Will's melanoma was easily contained and after removing the cancer, he can follow up with extensive dermatology appointments. We feel blessed. Thank you so much for the wonderful notes, and messages. It really helped us go through a time of uncertainty.

Also, we are proud of our little dancer. She had a great recital and now we're all in vacation mode. Topsail Beach is first on our list.

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Happy summer!

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