Raleigh, N.C. New Downtown Raleigh App Launches

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Let's face it. The days of paper maps are getting scarce. I have to admit that I like paper, but we're in a new technology world. 

My husband says he can never reach me on my phone. We have our biggest arguments ever when we are in the car and he's left me to be the navigator. I can't stand looking at that little dot moving so happily along. I like to read what streets are coming up next. Trust me, you don't want to be in the car with us during these time.  

downtown Raleigh launches new app

I'm a little late on this news because I've been working on some deadlines  but downtown Raleigh has a new app. It was released a few weeks ago, which means the kinks are now worked out in time for me to share the news with you. 

The Downtown Raleigh Alliance released the  Downtown Raleigh App, a personal guide to having a great time downtown. This means it can help you navigate all those one-way streets. Parking is not really fun now in downtown. I've gotten a ticket trying to get a cup of coffee, but this app will eliminate that. 

The app displays downtown’s ample parking options, gives pricing for decks, and even allows users to set a timer to let them know when their meter runs out. To alert users of upcoming road closures, the app sends push notifications when streets within downtown close for events or construction and provides a graphic display of all downtown street closures.

The street scene of downtown  Raleigh

“We really did our homework when it came to developing this app. We looked at similar applications from other cities and saw that ours was really a one of a kind application. It’s free, easy to use, and is truly a one stop shop for all things downtown,” said Downtown Raleigh Alliance President and CEO, David Diaz.  

The app caters to all demographics from the occasional visitor to the downtown resident by featuring downtown’s amazing dining, retail, and nightlife options as well as upcoming events and unique specials. Whether a user needs to find directions to his destination, park a car, or track the R-LINE in real time, the new app holds the answer.

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