The 4-minute oversized lunch for those who like big portions, but need to watch weight

My biggest problem when I try to drop pounds is portion control. I like big portions I cannot deny. It is a Leigh issue and one I must tackle and face.  I can't eat just one slice of pizza. I want four. I don't want one sandwich at home. I want two. I don't want just half a sandwich when I'm out. I want the whole thing.  I've been like this my whole life. When I was a child, I would eat a whole can of biscuits. Back then, it did not matter. I was so skinny that I needed to eat two cans.  In my 20s, I would eat half a pizza plus a beer and it would not impact me one bit.I also lifted 50 pounds of TV equipment in and out of a car about five times daily.

In my late-40s, a bigger portion is my enemy. I cannot keep those habits. Maintaining a healthy weight has become an issue for me. Realistically, I would like to lose ten pounds.

Quick and Easy Healthy Lunch

Now that fresh produce is in abundance, I've come up with a lunch that is big and satisfying.  You can tailor this to what you like, but I use a very large pasta bowl as the bowl for this salad.

It takes less than 4-minutes to chop and put this salad together. I love it.  I also stay full most of the day.

1 large cucumber (quartered so it makes a lot of slices or chunks and fills the bowl)
1 large slicing tomato
Half a red onion, sweet onion or green onions (whatever you have)
Half of an avocado
Sprinkle with Salt, Pepper, 1 tsp of olive oil and 4 to 5 drops of Lime Vitality Culinary Essential Oil (You can also use the juice of one or two fresh limes).
Toss your salad.
Sprinkle with Feta Cheese.
Enjoy.  I love this.

Easy lunch with fresh produce

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