Some of the Hottest Chefs in the Triangle

With the rise of TV cooking shows, dining competitions and culinary awards being featured in the mainstream news, popular chefs are becoming like reality stars.  Patrons don't just visit a restaurant.  They visit a certain chef's restaurant. The Triangle is rapidly becoming a foodie mecca with a lot of hot chefs serving up the best cuisine in their restaurants. 

This year, twelve chefs have the honor of starring in a fundraiser calendar where all proceeds support the Food  Bank of  Central and Eastern North Carolina. This debut calendar is called, "The Hottest Chefs of the Triangle Calendar"

Hottest Chefs in the Triangle Calendar

Inside you'll find chefs from across the Triangle who craft masterpieces in their kitchens on a daily basis. This inaugural calendar features a diverse pool of chefs based on their culinary involvement and contributions to the Triangle's food community.

Here's who made the list:

Regan Stachler from Little Hen
Michael Pryor from Cave 1912
Teddy Diggs from Il Palio
Liz Reedy from Carroll's Kitchen
Mario Huante from Chef Mario
Daniel Benjamin from lucettegrace
Kim Hunter from Kimbap
Ricky Moore from Saltbox Seafood
Serge Falcoz-Vigne from Saint Jacques
Mike Lee from M Sushi & M Kokko
Ryan Conklin from REX Healthcare
Gabe Barker from Pizzeria Mercato

Proceeds for Hottest Chefs in Triangle Calendar go to Local Food Bank

All profits from the calendar go towards the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is able to help thousands of people facing hunger each year in their 34-county service area.

The cover chef is Michael Lee of M Sushi, which was revealed at the Hottest Chefs of the Triangle Calendar Launch Party hosted by Crank Arm Brewing Company on January 16, 2017. Chefs featured in the calendar were in attendance and proved light snacks and desserts. 

I was invited to join in the fun, but my two kids ruled the roost that night and I had to stay home. A mom's work is never done. 

Purchase the most current Hottest Chefs in the Triangle Calendar

Have you dined with any of these chefs?  

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