A Southern Tale: What A Mother Really Wants

As I write this post, it is Mother's Day.  Many of you have had breakfast in bed, brunch at a fancy restaurant with a mimosa and showered with flowers, gifts, and cards. We love feeling special any day of the year and we certainly love all these kind gestures graced upon us this one marketed day of the year.

I've thought a lot about being a Mom lately as my children age. In the beginning, being a Moms feels more like a caretaker. There are diaper changes, bathing, and feedings.  There are boos-boos to kiss. These daily chores go by so quickly that when ten years whiz by you, it will all seem like a blur.

In those elementary school-aged years, Moms take on additional responsibility beyond simple caretaking. Lots of times, it comes in the form of a school volunteer, a Scout leader, a coach or even a parental chauffeur from gymnastics to soccer to karate to dance.  We feel busier than ever and we sometimes wonder why we thought those baby and toddler years were so difficult.

I've not yet entered into the next chapter of life known as a Mom with teenagers, but as a Mom, our role is always evolving. Even without a guide book, we somehow make it happen.

But, even though our role changes as our children age, I think most Moms all want the same thing. We all want a large mug of coffee.  We know we can't survive a day without it.

Ok. I'll be serious for a minute.  Whether you are a mom to a new baby or a Mom to a  55-year-who is now a Dad, we share some common thoughts of what we want for our children.

Every mom wants to know that her child is safe. 

Every mom wants her child to be healthy. 

Every mom wants her child to be able to receive healthcare.

Every mom wants her child to not be hungry. 

Every mom wants her child to be accepted and loved by others. 

Every mom wants her child to have access to a good education.

Every mom wants her child to succeed. 

Every mom wants her child to have a home, a bed, and a safe place to sleep.

Every mom wants her child to be happy.

And every mom wants her child to come home again. 

I know I want all of those things for my two children. What about you?

Happy Mother's Day, 2017!  Oh, and a new mug for my coffee would be good, too.  This saying kind of fits our household.

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