Essential Winter Must-Have Wardrobe Items for Walking the Dog

We adopted Andy, our toy poodle, in November. After a week having him, I realized I needed to get together some dog walking clothes that were practical, yet comfy and stylish enough for me to be seen walking around my neighborhood.

Andy the Toy Poodle

In late November, it started to turn colder here in North Carolina. On this particular walking day, it was cold and maybe even a little wet.

I changed out of my pajamas and put on an old grey wide-legged Jockey brand pull-on pants that were about as old as my first child (He's now 12), a grey baggy Carolina sweatshirt (it's older than both of my children), a kid's NC State toboggan that was too small for my head, black Ugg boots which are comfy, warm, and great, but they looked absolutely ridiculous with the pants. I then found some gloves, but they had holes in them. I also was make-up free and I had bed-head.

Andy, in his new little Argyle sweater, looked better than his owner. My wild slept-on hair barely flattened under the too-small toboggan that would not cover my ears properly.

I put Andy's leash on, looked at Will and said, "I look like I've been living on the streets. Don't I?" He hesitated because I don't think he knew how I would react with the truth.

He smiled and said, "You kind of do!"

I still went on that walk because the dog needed to go, but later that week, I went on a shopping spree at a local Raleigh boutique called The Flourish Market.  I bought several pull-on tops that were comfy, but yet I could run errands in them, too. I also bought a fabulous cardigan for layering and in one shopping spree with one Beautycounter paycheck, I upped my dog-walking wardrobe.

Weekender-Top-from-boutique in Raleigh

I love having a dog, but they need to be walked rain, sleet, snow or shine. Andy looks snazzy in his little sweaters and I've upped my game, too. However,  if you walk by my house early enough, you may still find me in our yard in a fuzzy blue robe that could be as old as my youngest child. (She's 8).

Writer/Blogger Leigh Powell Hines of HinesSightBlog
I purchased the weekender top in purple and a grey cardigan for layering
In partnership with, I've curated a few items that I feel are essential for walking a dog. I'm fortunate that I work from home so I can walk Andy easily because I make my own schedule, but sometimes schedules change and someone else may need to help me out in a pinch. That's where comes into play with your beloved pet.

I will turn to Rover if I ever need to find a local dog walker, dog sitter or someone to drop in if I'm away for the day or need to be in a meeting. This dog-finding company is similar to the self-employed babysitting sites and Rover is the website used to find these pet services in your area. Sitters on Rover and walkers on Rover are given reviews and client recommendations so that you know you are employing to care for your pet. The service is also good for when you are traveling and take your dog out of town with you. You may need the support of some of their dog finding services on those adventures.

Dog Walking Wardrobe Essentials

I do not own all of these items on this curated dog walking wardrobe must-have list, but I'm slowly getting some pieces together. I will add that the mitten type gloves are great for walking a dog because you can slip your fingers out then get the pooh bag together. I own a pair similar.

 I do not own new rain boots yet, but I think a pop of red on a rainy day would be spectacular. I added two rain boots because I thought the less expensive short Joule boots were perfect for the walks with a pooch. I would be more likely to wear the red hunter boots to spots in Raleigh on rainy days.

Am I missing anything? I'm sure the longer I own a dog, the more I will add to the list.

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Walking Your Dog. #pets #dogs #fashion

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  1. Hahaha I totally understand about the dog walking outfits, I have to do the same thing! It seems like everyone is outside when I am wearing my "best" (most comfy) sweats, lol. Love the new dog walking outfit, so cute! Layering is my favorite thing too. Congrats on adopting Andy, he is absolutely adorable!! Great post :)

  2. You're hilarious! Andy has completely changed your life. Love the updated wardrobe. We've had Daisy 8 years -- think it's too late for me to argue for an updated wardrobe over here? Or at least a new fuzzy bathrobe??? :)

    1. Ha. Ha. It's never too late. Daisy is a cutie, too.

  3. You look fab, as always! And Andy is adorable, too!


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