How to put a Tropical St. Martin Twist on a Classic Holiday Cocktail with Guavaberry Liqueur

Cocktail connoisseurs will be familiar with the sweet and bubbly Kir Royale, made using Crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and Champagne. The Caribbean paradise of St. Martin is famous for its own rendition of the drink, a tropical concoction especially beloved on the Champagne-loving French side of the island. This legendary folk drink inherits the sweet, spicy, and tart notes of the guavaberry liqueur that replaces the cassis to realize a truly unique flavor.

While visiting St. Martin to taste it would be ideal, the following recipe can help you have a little bit of St. Martin at home this holiday. 

Guavaberry Kir
  • 1oz Guavaberry Liqueur
  • 5oz Champagne
Pour chilled Guavaberry Liqueur into a frozen champagne glass.
Top with chilled champagne
Dress with a small curl of orange skin

Get to know guava berries and guavaberry liqueur.

First brewed centuries ago in the homes of the locals as a celebratory beverage in honor of good times spent with close loved ones, family, and friends, Guavaberry Liqueur is now a cherished symbol of times passed and old tradition.

The Liqueur is made using aged oak rum, cane sugar, and rare, wild, St. Martin guava berries; which grow in the highlands. The flavor profile of Guavaberry Liqueur is woody, fruity, and spicy with bitter yet sweet compliments.

Though guavaberry trees can be found on other islands across the Caribbean and even in further regions such as the Philippines and Hawaii, it is thought that St. Martin maintains the largest population in the world. An interesting plant that can vary in its growth, from being either tall and thin to short and fuller-bodied, produces green and blackberries; the blackberries are used to make the Liqueur.

The berries have historically been used to create jams, tarts, and fresh juices. In recent times, the commercial production of Guavaberry Liqueur has seen a resurgence in the berry’s usage which for a period was only being consumed by the island’s native birds.

Guavaberry is an integral and distinguishing symbol of St. Martin's culture, heritage, tradition and is a pivotal point of pride for its people. Previously on the island, Guavaberry Liqueur was known as the drink of Christmas and was an essential part of the festivities. Locals would go from house to house singing ‘Good morning, I came for my Guavaberry’. With the countdown to the holidays just days away, there’s no better time to try a Guavaberry Kir and infuse a taste of the tropics into your festive fun.

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