The Rural Pit Stop

I'm sure many parents remember the first time it happened to them.  They probably remember right where they were.  It was bound to happen to us sooner or later, right? 

Of course, it's going to happen when you're driving in the middle of nowhere.  We really weren't in the middle of nowhere, but we were in rural North Carolina on a highway by-pass between the city of Raleigh, and the town of Farmville.   Highway 264 to be exact.

It's the type of by-pass where you see an exit for Hardees, but when you take the exit, you don't see the restaurant. Could it be five miles down the road or ten miles?  It was like this exit after exit.

Meanwhile, we hear from the backseat, "I can't stand it.  I need to pee pee quickly."

We ask, "Can you wait?  We have about 15 more miles til we get to our destination?"

"I've got to pee pee right now.  Quickly!"

I ask Mr. Piggybank, "Do you think he's just bored and wants to get out of the car?"   We were on an hour road trip.

We just aren't sure.  We see nothing.  No signs ahead.  Just an exit to a rural country road!  We pull over on the shoulder of the exit ramp. 

We hear, "What are you doing?"   We tell our 5-year-old that he has no choice, but to use the bathroom on the side of the road if he really has to go.  As I unbuckle his seat belt, I'm fairly confident that he really does have to go.   He wasn't kidding.   We're going through with this unexpected pit stop.

As I walk with my son toward a grassy area,  I hear from the driver's seat, "Tell him to aim toward the woods!"  What? You've got to be kidding me!  Why didn't you get out of the car?

Even though we were off the highway, we could still be seen.  We knew that passengers in their cars were probably giggling at us or looking down on us in shame, but at least no one honked their horns.   I have to admit I giggled, too.

When we were in the middle of potty training, I took a potty with us on the road.  I'll soon be potty-training again so I guess next time, I"ll be more prepared.  But, you are talking about parents who didn't even have a portable DVD for their car.  That is until last night!  We lasted five years without one, but we decided that was five years and one minute TOO LONG.

Hopefully, on our next road trip, we'll be cruising in peace, and see a fast-food restaurant every few exits.

Until next time, I'm off to stay cool!

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  1. Leigh,

    That is too funny!!! I remember doing the very same with my young sons on a drive from Texas to NY.

    They thought it was great fun...peeing outside...with your Mom's blessing...life does not get any better than that for a little boy

    But what I hate to witness, and I have, is a grown man doing the same right on the curbside...YIKES!!!!!

    Janet xox

  2. So funny. I have a 2 yr old little boy and we will be full on potty training soon. I imagine my husband will be teaching him (much to my protesting) how to pee off the deck and other such nonsense. I imagine we have a few days ahead like this for us as well.
    PS... Do you have any potty training tips for me? Looks like July may be our month to give it a go.

  3. The only time in my life that I've wished I was a boy was potty-in-the-woods time.
    Boys have it so much easier than us girls.
    xo, A

  4. Been there with that same story on our way back from Tahoe a few years ago. A lot easier to pull off the road for a little boy than a little girl though...luckily my daughter is a camel.

  5. Tee hee! When nature calls you gotta answer. My daughter could never go by the side of the road, something about it just put her off! Love Linda x

  6. Too funny!! I still remember a family road from when I was about 8 or so. We were somewhere in Vidalia, Georgia and I had to pee really badly. My dad pulled over and told me to make do. I remember having a really hard time of it and peeing on my leg. My brothers still tease me about it to this day. Boys have it way easier! That picture is adorable.

  7. Hahaha I love it! Every boy loves to pee in the woods!

  8. this is too funny, leigh. i agree with the others who say boys have it way easier. i am sure my daughter wouldn't be able to do that. :) XO T


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