My Great Topsail Beach Find

Bear with me.  I know many of you shop a lot, but with two kids in tow, I rarely grace the doors of a boutique, mall, or a cute little bookstore.  When I was at Topsail Beach last week, I took the car keys and went less than a mile down the road by myself to the most happening place in town during the day.  It's Quarter Moon Books and Gifts.  I know what you are thinking?  I should have walked, but it's the south! Hot and Humid!

Quarter Moon Books and Gifts in Topsail Beach

This little shop is great.  It has the latest books, adorable gifts, cover-ups, sleepwear, children's gifts, stationary, and coffee drinks.  Usually, all the women in the family make it to this store when we're on vacation.  This year, I was the only one.  I actually went twice.  After my first visit, I went back to the cottage and reported that I found the cutest ,sleepwear with the funniest sayings.     Here's what I discovered.

One Night Stand!

Bearly Awake!

Tweet Dreams!

Flower Beds!

Hop Into Bed!

Sheep Thrills!

I Moose Wake Up!

The sleepwear is by Hatley, and there are several more designs online.   I just couldn't show them all here even though I wanted to do so because I think they are all equally funny and cute.  After leaving the store, I thought the "One Night Stand" shirt was so funny.  I was telling my sister-in-law about it and her seven-year old daughter said, "Why is that funny?" My sister-in-law quickly said, "When you sleep, you can look like furniture!"  All of the sudden, the nightshirt didn't become as funny with children around so I ruled that one out for me.    Which one do you think I picked?  I went back on our last day and bought one.

Hint:  I've developed quite a love for Twitter lately

If you want to laugh today, view the entire collection on  Hatley's website.  Which one would you pick?

This is not a sponsored post.  I just wanted to share my cute and funny discovery. 

I'm also participating in Happy Homemaker UK's Post of the Month Club.  Welcome, if you are visiting from this great blog.


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