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The food pyramid is out, and a new plate is in.  Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled an easy-to-understand nutrition guide that will help busy families achieve a balanced diet.

Since becoming a mom, I have worked hard to serve balanced, healthy meals to my family.  My son was a vegetable, fruit, tofu, kidney-bean-“luvin” child from the womb.  I could waltz down the produce aisles ,fill my cart, and later serve those veggies on his plate.  One time on a quick trip to Raleigh’s Farmers’ Market, he actually threw a tantrum over produce.  We were there to pick up a cake — something that you won’t find on the new guideline’s plate.  He stayed in the car with his dad.  I could hear him yelling as I went in the building, “PRODUCE! I want to see PRODUCE!”  Yes, those were some good eatin’ times!  I didn’t even need to be like Jerry Seinfeld’s wife and use all those  “sneaking in food” recipes.  No, not in my house!  If it was healthy, my kid ate it.  He even thought fruit was the only dessert option out there.  Life was good!

But then something happened?  Meal preps, as I knew it, became ancient history.  My son has become pickier in his diet, and now prefers cookies and candy to fruit.  Gasp!  But he’s a piece of cake compared to his sister.  

She’s the worst-eating toddler that I know. I now bow my head in shame if I have ever given a disapproving look to another parent because they didn’t have a vegetable on their child’s plate at mealtime.  Let’s just say, I can’t even keep a vegetable other than broccoli on my toddler’s plate.

She removes each pea, green bean, asparagus, or carrot one by one and tries to hand each one back to me while babbling something that could resemble, “Who’s the fool that put that on my plate?”  

That fool would be your mom!  The one who is trying to keep you healthy!  I’m starting to feel like every day in the kitchen for meal prepping is a scene from the movie “Groundhog Day.”  I make pasta and broccoli tossed with Parmesan cheese most days for her, and peanut butter and banana for him.  Luckily, she’s starting to branch out with her fruits, but vegetables are limited to just broccoli.  Is there something fun about eating something that looks like a tree because it’s the only vegetable making the cut?  I mean, really.  Doesn’t she know that kale is the new hip vegetable out there?  It’s been dubbed the “new spinach,” and it’s flying off the produce aisles like crazy.

Well, guess what? She doesn’t know it, but she’s getting Kale in her snacks.  That’s right.  I’m being all “Deceptively Delicious,” just like Seinfeld’s wife suggests.  Thanks to HappyMunchies, which is part of the HappyBaby line, my daughter is eating kale, carrots, and broccoli in her organic cheese puffs.  Yes, I said a “munchie puff” with hidden vegetables. They just aren’t a puff of air.  Each bite is made with essential vitamins and nutrients that I’m trying to get in her diet through regular vegetables and am achieving little success.

HappyBaby products are all-natural, vitamin-enriched products with toddlers’ and preschoolers’ diet needs in mind.  I still shop the produce aisle in hopes that one day regular kale will make my child yell with glee, but I shop the HappyBaby aisle, too.   Both my children love the yogurt HappyMelts, Organic Puffs, munchies, and my son likes the HappyTot pouches.  It's great to grab a vegetable as a snack when you're on the go, and need something quick. 

My daughter sticks to her veggies in the form of the munchies. I know these little puffs are not the long-term answer to my vegetable problems, but when you have a picky toddler, there are some nights that you just want to throw your hands up and toss these little puffs on a plate, and call it dinner.  Here, eat your kale puff!

I have been a customer of HappyBaby since my daughter was born in 2009. Earlier this year, I wrote a post about my daughter being clingy, and her love for HappyMelts.  They were my saving grace because only then would she go into a high chair to eat them, and I could be free of Baby Cling-On.    Thanks to social media, HappyBaby learned about my post, and told me about their new product HappyMunchies.    They sent me a packet to try, and offered a giveaway for my blog readers so you also can try HappyBaby foods for your child.  

HappyBaby Giveaway!
One winner will be chosen at random and will receive coupons to try HappyBaby products for free, recipes, a HappyBaby nutritional guide, and a HappyBaby FAQ.

To Enter
Visit the HappyBaby website, sign up for their newsletter if you haven't done so already, and leave a comment on the blog telling me your e-mail and what product you think you would like to have the most.  Please remember to leave your e-mail in your comments if you do not have your contact info on your google ID.   If you do not have a google account, use the anonymous tab, and remember to put your name and e-mail in your comment. 

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