Friday Fun: What Hotel Room Style Are You?

If you were choosing a hotel room based on appearance, would you choose this one?

Or this one?

What about this adventurous one?

Or do you prefer a pop of color as a romantic backdrop?

It's no surprise when I tell you that I like to read and write about hotels from the big luxury chains down to small, intimate boutique properties.  When planning a trip, I spend hours looking online at different hotels.  Who am I kidding?  I spend hours , I mean many minutes, doing it when I don't have a trip planned.  Some may call it a little bit quirky.  You may be thinking, "What a waste of time. You should be playing with your kids."  I agree with you on playing with the kids, but it's also nice to grab a cup of tea, and escape your reality a little bit when your time allows.   Hotel browsing does that for me.  It takes me to my happy place anywhere in the world.  
Let me go ahead and also set the record straight.  I do like luxury properties, but much to my dismay I don't have a money tree in my backyard.  I always try to get a good price for my room, go during the off-season, and I chose a hotel where a certain room style appeals to me.   If some hotels are simply out of my budget range then I look at another property.  I do have limits.  We don't take vacations often so that does give me some room for splurging.

I stumbled upon a website recently that I had to share with you.  It's my new latest time sucker. I have to limit my time on this site like you do on Pinterest or else I would accomplish absolutely nothing, and would have neglected children.  I think this website was made with me in mind.  It's called, "Check Your Room"  They list properties by room styles because like me, the company, believes that a hotel just isn't a place to sleep.   They visit thousands of hotel rooms, and only select what they think is the best.  They pride themselves with the quality and uniqueness of the hotel rooms they represent.

A lot of other hotel booking sites have cookie cutter rooms to show on its website, but Check Your Room is actually promoting the room that they think you will enjoy while on your vacation.  They also offer a room concierge service where you can tell them your budget, the type of room you like, and they'll match you with the perfect fit at the best price.   I think it's a great concept.  They currently only represent properties in Europe.  All the rooms I have showed you today are located in France.

Check Your Room even has a little personality test to get you started.  According to their test, I like romantic rooms which means I would have chosen the room with the fuchsia bedspread if I were booking today.  You know what? I think they are right!

What's your style?

Disclosure: I have not been compensated by Check Your Room to talk about this travel company in this post nor have I ever used their booking service for a vacation.  I've just had a lot of fun looking at their website and making my husband take their quiz.  We were a 100 percent match for the romantic style rooms.  We also like the classics.   

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