Splendid Biscuits and Sweet Graduation Smiles

The Pit-Raleigh, NC
This has been a whirlwind, but a truly satisfying week.  I wanted to end the week by letting you know that I  added a new restaurant to my "I Would Go Back!" page to the blog.  Let me tell you with 100 percent satisfaction and probably an extra pound or two on my hips that I would definitely go back to The Pit in Raleigh, NC.   I know I have readers located just about everywhere, but if you ever get to North Carolina and within an hour of the capital then you must eat at this restaurant.  It's southern food at its best!

Mr. Piggybank (I've decided this name fits my hubby for writing purposes) loves North Carolina BBQ. Now, if you are not southern, let me break it down for you.  You will notice that I used BBQ as a noun.  In the south, we think of Bar-b-Que as a cooked pig.  It's a true delicacy in North Carolina, and it is usually served with scrumptious sides like coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, collards, hushpuppies, and biscuits.  The Pit in Raleigh has mastered these southern staples to perfection.  I know BBQ is their thing and no doubt, it is sensational, but I've got to talk about the biscuits.  I love biscuits. When I was a child I could eat six in one sitting.  I probably still could today, but I'm smart enough not to do it now or else I may start looking like a biscuit.

I took one bite of a biscuit and I almost had to take a moment of silence to compose myself.  I honestly thought about giving Meg Ryan a run for her money in her orgasmic sandwich scene in "When Harry Met Sally", but I knew I would embarrass my husband.  These biscuits were that good!

As an appetizer, Mr. Piggybank also ordered the mini PBLT which are biscuits with pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.  The combination was fantastic, and of course, the biscuits are heavenly naked so the added ingredients wow your palette even more.

We were so pleased with our meal.  I told the server that the next time I came in that I would order a huge plate of fried okra, biscuits, and of course, banana pudding.

I pride myself in being a banana pudding expert.  Their recipe gets two thumbs up, and a plate licking down to the last drop from me.   Our pudding was delivered with a big candle in honor of my hubby's 45th birthday. 

I know you all read where we celebrated in Beaufort,NC at a wedding,  but I can stretch out a birthday. It was also a great opportunity to get a sitter and not put the kids to bed one evening.

I don't usually get sitters to eat BBQ.  Most people think of BBQ restaurants with red checked tablecloths and toothpicks on the table, but The Pit has a certain ambiance. 

Photo courtesy of The Pit website

With its location in the revitalized warehouse district of downtown Raleigh, it has the vibe of a swanky BBQ restaurant.  There is a bar, valet parking, and tons of people waiting to be seated.  Reservations are needed a lot of nights.  It is kid-friendly, but we chose to leave ours at home and have some uninterrupted conversations over some really good beers.   One of my new favorites is a Duck-Rabbit milk stout brewed locally in Farmville, NC.

If you live in NC, put The Pit on your list.  If you want to visit the Tarheel state in the future then this restaurant will give you a true taste of the south.


Yesterday was a bittersweet day for my family.  My son graduated from his preschool.  He's been attending this school since he was a toddler.    At first, he went two days a week then moved to three days a week, and as a "senior preschooler", he now spends every weekday morning at the school for three hours a day.  His last day ever will be next week. The school has had a wonderful impact on our lives.   His ceremony was short and sweet with lots of preschool smiles, and a tear or two from mom. 

I will talk more about this milestone in my local column on the News and Observer's Triangle Mom2Mom site on May 25, but I had to share a few photos with you before then.

Have a great weekend!  I'm doing a few blog hops today.  If you're stopping by my blog for the first time today, welcome!  I do have a give-away underway right now for a great Thirty-One Thermal Tote.  The deadline to enter is May 25, 9 PM EST. 

Until next time, I'll be trying to exercise to lose some of those extra pounds from the biscuits, fried okra, and banana pudding.


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