Buzz-Winning News: Don't Worry, Bee Happy!

School is officially out!  I'm now chief entertainer for the Hines family.  It's my full responsibility to entertain, teach, and keep two kids happy for twelve hours a day every day for about 100 days.  But, who's counting, right?  We do have a few vacations, some summer camps, and good friends to help keep us busy.  You may see less of me online, but I'll do my best to keep in touch.  As you know, I started this blog to "melt away some stress".  As a result, you may find me burning the midnight oil because with the southern heat, and two bored kids, I may have a little more stress than normal.  You think?

But my new motto is:  Don't Worry, Bee Happy!  My son made this plant holder for me at his preschool.  When the going gets tough, I'm going to look at my bee and BE HAPPY!   They are only young once as I've been told.

My Gym Class for Toddlers
I really needed the bee to travel with me this morning to my daughter's toddler gym class to remind me of my new motto.  We were running too late to drop my son off at MiMa's house.  He went with me to My Gym's Children's Fitness Center.   He's not allowed to participate in the class because of the little ones, but I did allow him to participate in the circle time for songs and dance.  He was one of the happy ones, and since he is five, he did every move just right.  He looked just like a teacher.  But his happiness soon turned into monster craziness when I told him he had to sit on the bench and do his PuzzleBuzz magazines.   I need to make a mental note to myself to check BabyCenter as soon as I finish this post to make sure he's not too abnormal in his development right now.   He acted about the age of two.  I'm not joking!   His public behavior was less than desired, and could be classified as embarrassing.  It's one of those times where you know all the other moms are thinking, "thank goodness that is not me right now!"  My good friend, Amy, assures me that all moms have seen this type of behavior.  I hope she is right, but just in case, I'll spend less time brushing my hair next week and I'll be making a pit stop by MiMa's before class and will leave Mr. Crazy Gym Pants off with her for awhile until I can sign him up for his own class.

The buzz today is that I have a winner for the Thirty-One Thermal Tote.  Thank you all for participating.  I got Mr. Crazy Gym Pants in on the action, and even helped his fine motor skills through blogging.  How's that for summer teaching?

We decided to put all the entries in our thermal tote for the drawing.

He helped me cut and fold each entry.   We had over one hundred to cut.

He then grabbed my camera, and said he was shooting photos for his own blog.  This is the only one I'll show.  The others were of me all hunched over and wide shots of my backside.  My friends will be impressed that I'm showing this photo and I didn't even powder my nose or put on lipstick for it.   I think he will be proud of his photography skills, and that his photo made my blog.

We had some fun doing this little project together.  When he got up this morning, I let him draw a winner.

Congratulations to Jen D. from Florida.  This contest was a random draw. It is ironic that she has a blog called, "Get Lucky".  When Jen entered the contest, she did tell Tricia with Thirty-One Gifts that if she won, she plans to give the tote to her friend's daughter who was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  The tote will be used to carry around all of the child's medicines.  I'm so glad the Hines-Sight Blog will help you give this wonderful gift to your friend's daughter, Jen.

I also want to thank you Tricia Edmundson for sponsoring this give-away.  Tricia is always running some type of special.  You can visit her Thirty-One website for her latest sales and promotions.

Until next time, I'm off to entertain the kids, and it's too hot here to even have a cup of afternoon tea!

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