Is Everyday Like a Monday?

As a parent, I sometimes have to ask myself, "Does every day really have to be like a Monday?" If you are a parent, you understand that when young children are in the house, it helps if your day is well---structured. On the weekends, I don't like structure. I want to have my tea, check e-mail, be nosy on Facebook, and catch up on all my favorite blogs and travel sites.  Mr. Piggybank essentially likes to do the same thing except he reads the entire day's world and financial news in one sitting.    Before children, we would spend hours in our pajamas doing this sort of thing.  We have certainly trimmed our leisurely routine, but when the weekend rolls around, I think we both want a morning off from parenting to do a little surfing.

This past weekend, I got the short end of the stick.  Everyone slept later than normal which is a good thing, but it can sure mess up a day.    Both mornings were unstructured and thrown way off kilter.  It was after 10:30 am and I had not even showered yet.   Mr. Piggybank didn't shower.  He put on his yard clothes, and like a magician disappeared into our yard. I decided to head into disastrous and dangerous uncharted waters.

What damage could be done by two angels during a five-minute shower? Well, take a look for yourself at my bathroom floor.   It was neat and tidy when I entered the shower.

While I was in the shower, my daughter took one of the bath mats at the shower door and carried it around the room.   A truck and a toy chicken leg somehow made their way into the room from our playroom.  My son decided to use the other bath mat as a blanket and get entirely underneath it.   Meanwhile, during my hair shampoo, my daughter decides to turn on the tub faucet, climb onto the tub, and proceed to drink water from it with her entire body balancing on the tub ledge.   I'm in the shower pleading at my son to get her down because I fear she will fall into the tub and hurt herself.  I get so agitated that instead of reaching for the conditioner, I end up shampooing my hair again.  By the time I turned off the water, my bathroom, my bedroom, the hallway, and the playroom looked like World War III had started in my home.   How's that for a peaceful shower?

I had a boss one time who would go on speaking engagements around North Carolina.  He would tell his audience, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results."   Well, guess what?  I must be insane because I did the same thing to myself on Sunday. 

Mr. Piggybank was back in the yard tackling his "to do" list.   He got out there before I could shower.  For this quick shower, I was serenaded with lots of crying and noise.  My daughter grabbed a bronzer compact off the vanity and dropped it.  Yes, it broke into a million tiny pieces.  My bathroom floor looked as if it went on vacation without me, and spent some time in the sun.  I pleaded with my 5-year-old to try to get some of the smashed bronzer off the floor before my 18-month old stepped in it and made the situation worse.  My son used an entire roll of toilet paper trying to clean it up, but it was still a mess that only a mom could fix.

In my own Hines-Sight, I learned my lesson and every day definitely needs to be like a Monday in terms of shower routines in my house.   But, not every day has to feel like a Monday because we did sneak in some good fun, family time.   What about you?

Yes, she needs a helmet.  It was her first time on it today

Until next time, I'm off to finish my tea and get in the shower while my husband is still home.   Happy Monday!  May you take peaceful showers all week long.


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