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I'm very excited to start my week this week.  Not because I need to leap out of bed quickly, take my son to his last camp of the summer, meal-plan, get a week's worth of groceries, and of course, not get to spend one bit of time doing what I enjoy.  No!  That's not the reason.  I'm excited because my printed words, and thoughts are on another blog today.  A really good, fun, smart, and entertaining blog!

I'm the guest post for Amy with and sometimes shop!    Before I started blogging in January, I never read blogs consistently.  I discovered Amy's blog in the late spring, and my life changed.   Every time, I saw a new tweet or post from her, I would stop what I was doing, and read what she had to say.   That's what I call, "real, blogging power!"  We are close in age, used to carry around fabulous business cards in the professional world, before deciding to change our career paths to stay-at-home to raise our children, and we both like some of the finer things in life.

Amy is a mom to twins. She was blessed with both, a boy and girl. In one pregnancy, she completed her family.  I'm envious of her sometimes because she's already passed the small-children years, and has a little more time to devote to her blog while her children are in elementary school, but she deserves it.  After all, she had twice the work at one time.  Don't envy that!  Like me, she sat down one day. and just started blogging.  She is quite successful and inspiring. 

When Amy asked me, "If I would like to have the keys to her little blog," while she vacationed with her family in the mountains of North Carolina, I was truly honored.   Amy's blog is appealing because she is random in her topics, and as writer, that is a good place to be because you can write about whatever appeals to you at the time.   I hope to incorporate more of that style into my own blog as it grows.

For Amy I wrote, Frankly, My Dear, It's Like Vivien Leigh 

I'll be back here this week with a luxury hotel post that will make us all want to travel to the desert, even in a heatwave.  In the meantime, don't forget to look stylish in the kitchen, and enter my giveaway for a personalized apron from 31 Gifts.  You will look so good standing in the kitchen cooking all the recipes on my "Meal-Planning Made Easy" post.

Until next time, I'm going to grab that second cup of tea, and get myself out the door.  What was to be a quick 15-minute post has turned into an hour.  Nothing is quick on the Internet!

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