The Sweet Tooth

My kids have it.  I think it is in their genes.

Does this face give it away?

Or this one?

It's a sweet tooth.  We have discovered the perfect union in our house for a post dinner treat.  You probably married these two long ago, but I'm always a little behind the times.

So simple.  So easy.  So effortless.
A small serving of nutella on a graham cracker.
I think this face tells you that some foods are just meant to be together.

Join me this month for September's Meal Planning Made Easy Link-Up.  I'll be sharing one of our family's favorite recipes on Thursday, as we gear up for fall weather.  The link will be open until September 15 so join anytime during the month, and tell your friends.  I cooked a lot of the recipes linked  in last month's post, and I even noticed a drop in my grocery bill.  Meal planning pays off.  I thank you for linking with my blog.  It is great to learn about new recipes that have already been tried, and loved by you.

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