Every Day Needs to Be a Spa Day: My Heavenly Experience at the Spa at Ballantyne

As a stay-at-home mom, I can assure you that not many of my days are spent at a spa.  In fact, it’s safe to say that my days are usually the polar opposite of tranquil bliss.  Truthfully, I rarely look this calm and happy.

At the Spa at Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC
As you read on Monday, my husband and I packed our bags, arranged overnight childcare, and took a three-hour road trip to spend a luxurious night at the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We had just over 24 hours without kids, and boy, did we pick the right hotel for us.

After we checked in to our parlor suite, Will made a trip to the fitness center, and I made a beeline to the Spa at Ballantyne, located on two floors of the hotel.  What woman in her right mind would not check out the spa of a luxury hotel if given the opportunity?

Guests check in on the top floor of the Spa
The Ballantyne Hotel recently completed a substantial renovation to the spa.  Oh. My. Gosh! It is gorgeous.  The ladies’ lounge exudes soft blue, khaki, and expresso tones, creating a bright and airy setting.  

Photo Courtesy: Bissell 
And this is what you get to snack on while in the lounge.

Chocolates and Truffles

Fabulous fruit water, coffee, and tea
Hello.  I think I could sit in the lounge all day. 

Believe it or not, you actually can camp out in the spa area all day if you book just one appointment, and you don’t even have to be a hotel guest. 

If you live in the area and book any type of spa appointment, then you have full use of the spa’s amenities all day long.  That includes use of the sauna and both the indoor and outdoor pools.  Now, that is a perk!  I’m jealous of all my Charlotte-area friends. 

The Spa's indoor pool 
In addition to the renovation, the Spa at Ballantyne also has a new menu that is inspired by the Four Elements — Earth, Water, Air, and Fire — and focuses on customization to address each guest’s personal goals for his or her spa experience.  Based on Native American elemental philosophy, each treatment category aligns with a corresponding element.

I know you are on the edge of your computer wondering what element I chose for my hour of relaxation.  Truthfully, I think I needed about 10 different spa treatments to get me back into total balance.  Being a parent has certainly taken a toll on my 43-year-old body, but one treatment was certainly a step in the right direction.

Since it’s winter, and I do a terrible job about taking care of my body, I chose a body treatment, which is in the “Water” category.  Body treatments offer cleansing and nourishment for the skin, conveying the soothing and balancing attributes of water.  Simply speaking, I chose it because I was scaly like a snake and really needed to shed some dry skin.  

This is me as I underwent the Shea Sugar Smoothie Envelopment. My treatment room overlooked the golf course.  Olga took great care of me. She applied a shea butter and sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells.  Later, I was enveloped in a honey oat yogurt mask while enjoying a relaxing foot and scalp massage.

After showering, Olga then applied sweet agave nectar oil and shea butter to seal in a dewy complexion.  When finished, my skin was velvety soft, and, surprisingly, it is still soft more than a week later.  It was just what my body needed.

I also felt relaxed, renewed, and energized after my hour with Olga.  And I absolutely love Olga because she said I looked much younger than 43 and that I had good skin genes.  That made my day.  Who am I kidding?  I think it’s made my year.  I’m asking for her when I get to go back.

The Spa at Ballantyne has so many fabulous treatments that it was hard for me to choose.  I couldn’t go wrong with any choice, really, but I am glad that I chose a body treatment for this experience. It was my first time being wrapped up like a baked potato, and it really did make a difference with my skin.  

Olga, in her lovely Ukrainian accent, told me that I smelled like a cupcake, the perfect dessert for my husband, later that evening.

Oh, Olga, you make me blush.

But, speaking of dessert, I tasted the best coconut ever during my dinner at the Gallery Restaurant.  That story will be on the blog later this week.  Stay with me for Charlotte week.  Lots more to tell.

Want to Go:
Located in The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, which is a Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel, and a Forbes Four-Star and AAA Four Diamond recognized hotel.
10000 Ballantyne Commons Parkway
Charlotte, N.C.

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Disclaimer: My thanks to the Bissell Corporation for having me as a media guest. Even though my visit was complimentary, all opinions are my own.

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