Is there a Recipe for Happiness?

I decided to end this week with a goodie I stumbled upon in one of my church cookbooks. It was sandwiched between Pistachio-Basil Butter and Teriyaki Sauce.

By golly, it was a recipe for happiness.

A Recipe for Happiness
Recipe for Happiness from Macedonia United Methodist Church in North Carolina 

Is there such a thing? Is a recipe for happiness that easy?

The recipe called for two cups of patience, but I may need a bigger dose.   I blame it on my advanced maternal age, and perimenopause.

After dinner last night, I tossed the said ingredients together.

Later, I found a picture perfect moment in my son's room.

My son was reading a bedtime story to his sister, and dad.  He's just learning to read.

My valentines looked so sweet.  All three of them.   Well, all five, if you count the two bears.

My family in a joyful and happy moment

I may be sappy, but I think the recipe worked.

There were little tears of happiness in my eyes.

I would suggest giving it a try.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend.  I'll see you back here next week. You know where to find me in the meantime.


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